7/1/13 Wrestler of the Week – Seth Rollins

It’s not easy to take a superplex off of a ladder or a back body drop off of another ladder and through a table. It is even harder to do all of that while maintaining heat from the fans for being a chicken heel. Seth Rollins managed to accomplish both of those tasks this week and came out of it simultaneously hated and admired by many fans. His work as a snivelling suck-up since he turned on The Shield has been as excellent as his outstanding work in the ring. The addition of the Money in the Bank briefcase to his list of accomplishments helps his offensively large ego swell to an even larger size, which will only made his adveraries more over- a combination destined to sell tickets.

Rollins had little to do on Smackdown and played a complementary role to HHH while he warned anyone who had plans to get in the way of The Authority. His major accomplishment of the week was at the MITB PPV in which he won the traditional MITB match for a title shot contract. He spent most of the match on the receiving end of crazy bumps, particularly at the hands of Dean Ambrose. It must be hard for someone as diversely talented as Rollins to subjugate his prodiguous ability in the name of getting his foes over. If Rollins unleashed his full offensive arsenal, it would be so impressive that fans would inevitably cheer him, which would defeat the purpose. Instead, he comes off as someone so talented that he could win fairly, but takes shortcuts- like the one Kane gave him to win the ladder match- so everyone naturally starts to resent him.

On a smaller stage on Raw, Rollins got a chance to showcase himself a bit and remind fans that he chooses to cheat and doesn’t need to cheat. He had a very fun match with Rob Van Dam for a second straight week. After a slow start and understandably sore bodies, they worked up to a very good pace in which Van Dam largely controlled the action. Rollins eventually avoided a Five Star Frogsplash and delivered a Curb Stomp to win. He started to give a promo after the victory about his MITB contract, but Dean Ambrose interrupted him with a warning that he would get in the way of any attempted MITB cash-in. Sure enough, Rollins threatened to cash in later in the night after Kane hit John Cena with a Tombstone, but Ambrose jumped Rollins before he could follow through.

With or without the MITB briefcase, the program between Rollins and Ambrose is red hot. The addition of the briefcase adds a wrinkle that highlights their personalities- Rollins takes the easy way out and Ambrose relishes disorder. At first, I worried that the way Roman Reigns was pushed into the main event would make Rollins and Ambrose seem like small potatoes. Instead, they have both worked at such a high level in and out of the ring that they have added value to their program. They have already traded WOTW honors of late, and I suspect that it could continue for much of the summer.