Best Wrestling of the Week – Cena, Cesaro, Ultima Lucha


7/31/15 – Andrew Berg – @WrestleRosters


Wrestler of the Week – John Cena

Having your nose explode in your face does not automatically warrant winning wrestler of the week. Even finishing a match with a facial feature pivoted 90 degrees is not sufficient on its own. What earned Cena this recognition is the fact that before, during, and after his gruesome injury on Raw he worked an outstanding match with Seth Rollins that helped set the table for the presumptive SummerSlam showdown between the WWE Champion and the US Champion. Cena’s injury certainly heightened the drama of the match and the feud, but let’s not forget that he and Rollins were doing some very good work on the mic and in the ring before the blood spilled.


Match of the Week – Cesaro and Dean Ambrose def. Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens

The stars aligned to put four of the most entertaining, complete wrestlers in WWE together for the Smackdown main event this week and they lived up to their potential in a way that Smackdown probably doesn’t even deserve. The show revolved around Cesaro and the fire that inspires him to continue proving himself. After his show-opening match with Rollins was cut short by interference from Owens, this tag match was put in place with Cesaro’s partner up in the air. Ambrose answered the call and the four instantly worked like old rivals who knew each other inside and out. The infusion of talent on the WWE main roster over the last few years has started to inch the company toward a new era and that gradual change was on display in this match.


Quote of the Week – Seth Rollins

“I turned Cena’s face into a Picasso painting. I am an ar-TEEST.” Even when he does something that gets a positive response from fans, Rollins manages to turn it into heel heat.


Must See Wrestling

  1. Lucha Underground Kicks Off Ultima Lucha

LU’s biggest show of the year was originally scheduled for a two-hour block, but was stretched to a third hour over two weeks. Viewed as a regular episode of LU, it was excellent. As part of the biggest show of the year, it definitely felt like the bottom third of the card. Cage and The Mack stood out in a Falls Count Anywhere match, but the Drago-Hernandez Believer’s Backlash stipulation did not make their story more compelling.


  1. Blake and Murphy Reign in NXT

Although their initial Tag Title win seemed inexplicable, Blake and Murphy have shown steady growth as a team in NXT. The addition of Alexa Bliss as their condescending valet has certainly helped, but their match with the Vaudevillains showed that they are on the right track in terms of wrestling entertaining matches, as well.


  1. Divas Keep Revolving

Turns out, the “Divas Revolution” in WWE was as simple as more time and more talent for the women’s division. Sasha’s win over Paige on Raw was competitive, very fun to watch, and long enough to build some emotional investment. Even the Charlotte and Becky Lynch against Nikki Bella and Alicia Fox felt like a meaningful match.