Custom Fantasy Baseball Draft Spreadsheets

Custom Spreadsheet LogoWhile our regular Fantasy Baseball draft kit and draft day software are designed to accommodate many different league types and settings, there are many leagues out there that use unique scoring formats to enhance the fantasy experience.
We have great news for those of you who are in that aforementioned category! Our Custom Spreadsheets can be designed to fit even the most unique and modern day scoring formats to give you a leg up on the competition. 

Here’s how it works …

1. If you haven’t already, purchase the Offseason or Annual subscription to the MLBDC Insider, which includes our regular draft kit and draft day software. We do not offer the custom orders for non-subscribers.

2. Place your custom spreadsheet order using the PayPal widget below. NOTE – You can purchase the Insider subscription and custom spreadsheet together by utilizing the “Continue Shopping” button after you’ve added the first product to the cart. 

3. Fill out the custom spreadsheet order form—it can be downloaded using the link below or you will receive it in a confirmation email—and send the file to Clint Chisam at

4. Allow 48 hours for Clint to complete and return your order. If you do not need the order right away, you can let us know on the order form when you’d prefer to receive the files. For example, you can order today and request that the file is sent to you on March 26th in a case where your draft is taking place on March 28th. This way, your file will include all of the latest updates and you’ll have a day or two to open up the file and get used to the functions.

In addition to the draft kit and draft prep files that will be formatted to your unique league settings, we will produce a set of rankings designed specifically for your league scoring format.

Once you receive them, you can go in and make any necessary adjustments. If you are in a Keeper/Dynasty league, you will be able to start adding/removing players to/from each individual team to get you all set for draft day.

Below is a download link for the Custom Spreadsheet Order Form. Even if you’re not ready to place your order, this form should be able to give you a good idea of how much we can customize the file.

Custom Spreadsheet Order Form  Excel Download

-Since many of you play in multiple leagues, you have the option of bundling 2 or 3 different custom orders at a discounted rate.-If you register within our business hours (9:30AM-9:30PM PST), you should receive an email confirmation within 15 minutes. Register outside of those hours and the confirmation isn’t likely to come until we’re open for business.Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions at all.

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4 thoughts on “Custom Fantasy Baseball Draft Spreadsheets

  1. Tony DeMarco

    Question: I’m in a league with some combination categories that don’t appear on your spreadsheet options. I’ll list all the categories here:
    Offense — Home runs, OBP, Runs produced (Runs + RBI – HR) and extra bases (2B + 3B x 2 + net stolen bases).
    Pitching — ERA, WHIP, Quality Starting Appearances (Wins – relief wins + quality starts), Quality Relief Appearances (Saves x 1.5 + holds + relief wins).
    Can I get a custom draft spreadsheet with these categories as is? Or just order one that comes as close as possible?

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