Impact Review – EC3 Steps Up to Matt Hardy

2/9/16 – Andrew Berg – @WrestleRosters


This week’s episode of Impact revolved around TNA Champion Matt Hardy demanding that Dixie Carter fire her niece and his nemesis, EC3. At the start of the show, he made the statement in the ring and compared EC3 to a cancer who needs to be removed from the company. Later, Reby Hardy cornered Dixie backstage and reiterated the message.


In the main event slot, Hardy intimidated Dixie and physically threatened her as he continued to order her to fire EC3. Before Hardy attacked, EC3 hit the ring. He fought through Tyrus and nearly got to Hardby before the champion escaped. EC3 stood with his aunt on the ramp and left triumphantly in his first real babyface moment since his recent turn.


Hardy and EC3 both executed the story well, but the premise felt off to me. Why would Dixie side with Hardy over her relative, especially when EC3 didn’t do anything that would warrant punishment? It would have made more sense for Hardy to ask Dixie to force EC3 out of the title picture, or for him to ask her to let him name his next challenger. Those requests would have created some tension, whereas this version had very little anticipation because it sounded so unfounded.


Other Notes

-The highlight of the show was a very fun match between Kurt Angle and Drew Galloway. They worked each other hard and Galloway drew blood with a series of claymore dropkicks. He put Angle in a crossface, Angle countered into an Ankle Lock, and Galloway got the crossface on again to force Angle to tap. Angle has had the job as TNA’s veteran who gets younger wrestlers over for a decade and he still does it as well as anyone.


-Gail Kim took out The Dollhouse in support of Madison Rayne, presumably setting them up as allies. Without the charisma of Taryn Terrell or the intimidation of Awesome Kong, The Dollhouse does not have the importance it once did.


-Lashley got a win over Bram despite interference from Eric Young. Whether Lashley is destined for a personal program with Raquel, a rivalry with EY and Bram, or some combination of the two, TNA needs to do a better job of defining the stakes for him.


-Beer Money bought back the Boozer Cruiser and vowed to take back the tag team titles. I love both of these guys, but I hope James Storm drops the stupidity act from his character quickly.


-The Wolves will face Decay in a Monsters Ball match next week with the Tag Team Titles on the line. I have to say that I’m impressed with how thoroughly and quickly Crazzy Steve was rehabilitated in this angle.


-Mike Bennett interrupted Kurt Angle and announced his intention to beat his former hero. As with Galloway, Bennett could benefit greatly from the Angle rub.


-Billy Corgan appeared in a backstage interview that ended when Grado asked him to help him get his job back. If Corgan is going to use his star power on screen, I would rather see it put to use to help any other wrestler in TNA than Grado.