Lucha Underground Review – Fenix and Cuerno Reach Resolution

3/2/16 – Andrew Berg – @WrestleRosters


Fenix def. King Cuerno in a Ladder Match to Become Gift of the Gods Champion

Several weeks after Katrina initiated a rivalry between Fenix and Cuerno, the two wrestlers culminated their feud in a ladder match for the Gift of the Gods Title. It was a unique match in LU because the wrestlers took their time to tell the story of the match. My only critique is that it sometimes felt like they were taking their time in order to intricately set up props in the Temple rather than to show the impact of the opponent’s offense.


From the very start, the match revolved around the ladders at ringside. Cuerno powerbombed Fenix onto a ladder perched in the corner and Fenix responded with a senton off of a platform and over the top of a ladder to the floor. They brawled into the stands and Cuerno threw Fenix to the floor, where he landed on a ladder propped up against the ring apron. Cuerno started to climb the ladder, but Fenix it a springboard dropkick to knock him off. They both hung from the apparatus that held the belt above the ring, though neither could unlatch the belt. Cuerno climbed into the corner to try the Thrill of the Hunt from the second rope. Fenix freed himself and answered with a frankensteiner through a table. That move was enough to down Cuerno while he climbed the ladder and retrieved the belt.


It was the right call to have this match close out the show with a clean finish. The mini-feud between Fenix and Cuerno had run its course and it reminded fans that Fenix is resilient and creative. The win positions him to challenge Mil Muertes with his Gift of the Gods Title, which harkens back to the excellent rivalry they had in season one. The long-term commitment to that story makes the potential payoff more valuable.


Prince Puma and Pentagon Jr. Wrestled to a No Contest

Much like Fenix and Cuerno, Puma and Pentagon have initiated a rivalry in the first weeks of this season. To this point, Puma had been able to use his speed and guile to come out ahead of Pentagon. This match started similarly. He hit a springboard moonsault and followed it with a suplex combination into a standing moonsault. Pentagon started to mount an offensive attack of his own with a sunset flip into a piledriver. Meanwhile, Mil Muertes walked to the ring to get the revenge that Katrina refused to give him in an official match. He attacked both Puma and Pentagon and laid them out with a double Flatliner. These three wrestlers have become the cream of the crop in LU and they are on a collision course for the LU Title. It appears that a triple threat match is in order.


Other Notes

-Sexy Star had Kobra Moon locked in a verion of a surfboard until Marty Martinez appeared at ringside. Sexy was so scared of him that she relinquished the hold. Kobra put her in a dragon sleeper and forced her to tap out. The Mack was also at ringside in support of Sexy. Unlike anything that involved Sexy in season one, I am legitimately interested to learn more about Marty’s evil sister.


-Matt Striker announced that Aztec Warfare will take place in three weeks. While the title won’t be on the line this year, the match still promises to be outstanding. The original match was one of the highlights of season one.