Lucha Underground Review – Mil Muertes Asserts Dominance

3/9/16 – Andrew Berg – @WrestleRosters


Mil Muertes def. Prince Puma and Pentagon Jr. to Remain Lucha Underground Champion

The crowd in the Temple was red hot for the main event between the three biggest stars in Lucha Underground. The match had a very clever build because there was tension separately between each of the three men in the match. Puma and Mil feuded all the way back to the first Aztec Warfare and main evented Ultima Lucha. Pentagon broke Mil’s arm at the start of season two, and then engaged in a rivalry with Puma over the last several weeks as they jockeyed for a match with Mil.


Instead, Mil lashed out and challenged both of them to a title match. He looked great early on and even delivered a topez to Puma outside the ring. Pentagon and Puma both recovered and took turns hitting Mil with different topez varieties. They brawled into the stands, where Pentagon hit a fireman’s carry slam onto the seats. Pentagon and Mil fought outside the ring and Puma hit them both with a shooting star from the edge of the bleachers.


Puma took Pentagon back in the ring. He missed the benadriller, but connected with a 630 splash, only for Mil to make the save at the last second. Pentagon and Puma took turns hitting Mil with superkicks until they finally put him down. Pentagon hit a back stabber and followed it with a variation of a package suplex/legdrop that got a two count on Puma. He hit a package piledriver and set up to break Pentagon’s arm and Mil came back with spears for both opponents. He hit the double Flatliner on both challengers and pinned them simultaneously.


The main event was highly entertaining- probably the most fun match to date in the young season of LU. It made Mil Muertes look incredibly dominant and even the losers came out looking like viable challengers. As Mil and Katrina celebrated, Fenix appeared at the top of the stairs outside the ring and announced that he would use his Gift of the Gods Title to challenge Mil for his title next week. That match harkens back to the outstanding, bloody conflicts they had in season one and should be another LU classic.


Other Notes

-With Sexy Star in his corner, The Mack looked great against Marty The Moth Martinez. He hit a chain of suplexes until the lights went out and his sister appeared in a ratty butterfly costume. The distraction allowed The Moth to hit a second rope curb stomp to beat The Mack. Sexy Star cowered outside the ring and Marty’s sister stomped her back to the ground. After the build over Marty’s sister, I was expecting something more impressive.


-Taya Valkyrie took Johnny Mundo’s spot in a no DQ match against Cage. She took some huge shots early, but stayed in the match long enough to turn the tide with a low blow. Cage overpowered her and superplexed her from the ring to a table on the floor. Mundo ran in and hit cage over the head with a lead pipe, but Cage even kicked out of that attack. Cage was unphased by a pair of beer bottles shattered over his face. He hit Weapon X on Taya and got the win over both Mundo and Taya. While LU has typically done a good job of creating compelling inter-gender matches, this one had a weird dynamic because the plucky underdog was the heel.


-PJ Black and Jack Evans worked together backstage when Drago came for revenge on Evans. Drago’s old rival Aerostar made the save before they could do any real damage. Could this be the first tag team feud in Lucha Underground?