Lucha Underground Review – Mil Muetes and Fenix Ignite Powder Keg of a Show

3/16/15 – Andrew Berg – @WrestleRosters


Fenix def. Mil Muertes to Become Lucha Underground Champion

While the first seven episodes of this Lucha Underground season ranged from good to excellent, the promotion did not reach the fevered cyclone of excitement that it hit at times in season one. That is, until Fenix and Mil renewed their rivalry this week that created some of those transcendent moments from season one. Fenix was at the center of a very lengthy storyline- he was the only challenger to put a dent in Mil’s armor and even got a win over him in the middle of season one. Their feud symbolized light and darkness, life and death. If Mil is LU’s answer to the Undertaker, then Fenix is Shawn Michaels.


Their rivalry reignited when Fenix beat King Cuerno and announced that he would cash in his Gift of the Gods Title for a shot at Mil’s LU Title. Katrina revisited their relationship and questioned whether it would have been better for her to side with him and skew toward the light. She kissed him passionately and said that Mil would take his power and give it to her.


Even though their match started with over twenty minutes left in the show, they started quickly and with great intensity. Fenix hit a handspring cutter in the opening moments and Mil responded with a spear off of the apron and onto the floor. Fenix tried a springboard, but Mil caught him with a cutter and started to insult Fenix by tearing a hole in his mask. They brawled out of the ring where Mil met Fenix’s topez with a chair shot that drew blood. Mil bit Fenix and threw him onto the chairs to do even more damage.


Fenix tried to fight back with a splash off of the stage. Mil quickly responded with a powerbomb onto the announce table. Fenix sold the injuries brilliantly and continued to fight back. He showed his struggle throughout the match, which allowed the fans to get behind him. He hit a stomp off the top rope and returned the favor of ripping Mil’s mask. Mil hit a spear and brought a chair into the ring. Fenix got his hands on the chair first and hit Mil with it three times.


From there, the near falls started to come fast and furious. Fenix followed those chair shots with a superkick and a springboard 450 for a very near fall. Mil hit an uranage for a two count of his own. Fenix struggled to lift Mil and finally bridge a German Suplex for a very close two count. Mil fought back and set up for a Flatliner. Instead, Fenix countered it into a bridging jackknife and got the three count for a shocking, thrilling win. While he celebrated in the crowd, Katrina announced that his title would be on the line in next week’s Aztec Warfare and that he would enter the match first.


Fenix does not have the most natural charisma or star power in LU, but the company has built him and the rivalry with Mil so meticulously that this victory felt extremely important. The upset reminds fans that LU is worth watching every week, and not just for the high quality of wrestling. On top of that, the quality of the match was high because it effectively told the story of an underdog fighting back against an unstoppable force. Fenix took the time to sell, which is a rare art from in LU and elsewhere.


Other Notes

-The Crew abandoned Chavo Guerrero for his bullrope match against Texano. Texano used the rope to pull Chavo off the top turnbuckle when he tried for a frog splash. He hit a sit-down powerbomb to get the win and hopefully conclude a mediocre program with Guerrero.


-Son of Havoc, Ivelisse, and Angelico had to beat the Disciples of Death to win the Trios Titles and to keep their jobs. After the Disciples targeted Ivelisse early, Havoc got the team back into the match off of a hot tag. Angelico hit a razor’s edge into the buckle and Havoc followed it with a shooting star press to get their team the win and the titles in a short, fun match.