Lucha Underground Review – Top Challengers Feud

2/3/16 – Andrew Berg – @WrestleRosters


Prince Puma and Pentagon Jr. def. Disciples of Death

LU’s first episode of the season ended with Pentagon Jr. breaking champion Mil Muertes’s arm due in part to a distraction by Prince Puma. Catrina recognized the dual threats posed by Puma and Pentagon and put them together in a tenuous partnership. She correctly surmised that the two top challengers would struggle to get along and would ultimately remove themselves as immediate threats to Muertes.


Pentagon and Puma managed to work together enough to get an early advantage. They used a pair of planchas as they tried to one-up each other, but the effect was establishing the momentum to start the match. Eventually, the Disciples used their 3-to-2 advantage to corner Puma and start to wear him down. Pentagon got in the ring and cleared it out with a series of sling blades. One of the Disciples tried to hit Puma with a topez con giro, but hit one of his teammates instead. Puma capitalized with a 630 on the third Disciple. Pentagon blindly tagged himself in and got the pin for his team.


The way the match ended led to more tension between Pentagon and Puma. Pentagon hit a back stabber and tried to break Puma’s arm. Puma narrowly escaped, but it clearly signaled a rivalry between two of the most popular wrestlers in the promotion. Puma, the traditional babyface, got plenty of support, while Pentagon, the tweener, seemed to get even louder cheers. Whether the rivalry is simply a way to establish a challenger for Mil Muertes or a separate feud while a new top challenger emerges, both Puma and Pentagon are so compelling right now that it should be able to stand on its own.


The Mack def. PJ Black

A video package introduced the Darewolf PJ Black, known in WWE as Justin Gabriel. He and Mack worked at a crazy pace that was fun, but a little too fast to let the story of the match take hold. Mack defied his body type with a kip up and a standing moonsault. Black answered with his version of the blue thunder bomb, called Black to the Future, and set up for his 450 splash. Mack rolled out of the way and answered with a cutter to counter Black’s springboard to get a surprise win. Mack has sometimes been taken for granted in LU, so it’s good to see him get a big win. He and Black are both outstanding wrestlers who will make their mark when given the chance.


Johnny Mundo def. Killshot

Mundo maintained control for most of the show’s opening match, but Killshot did just enough to stay in it. When Mundo got caught in the ropes, Killshot hit a superkick and a DDT. It set him up for a 450 splash (flipping splashes were badly overrepresented in this episode) for a near fall. With the referee briefly downed, Mundo hit a mule kick low blow. That gave him the opportunity to nail the End of the World to get his first victory of season two. After the win, Mundo said he was coming for Mil Muertes. Cage interrupted him with his own challenge. Mundo tried a sneak attack after running from Cage, but Cage laid him out. With Cage apparently in a more sympathetic role and Mundo more heelish than ever, it will be interesting to see how their characters and rivalry evolve.


Other Notes

Rey Mysterio made his first LU appearance in a taped vignette. He gave Drago a history lesson on the importance of the dragon mask. I have faith in LU’s long-term planning, so I suspect that they will use Mysterio’s star power productively.


-We got our first glimpse of Marty “The Moth” Martinez and Sexy Star since Marty abducted Sexy at the end of last season. He had her detained away from the temple. It was evocative of Jame Gumb in Silence of the Lambs.


-Another vignette revolved around a masked woman wrestler named Kobra Moon, who will debut in the next few weeks.