Arizona Diamondbacks 2015 End of Season

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4 thoughts on “Arizona Diamondbacks 2015 End of Season

  1. Anonymous

    So you think the DBacks will eat Cahill’s 12 million to let Allen Webster who has options left make the roster?

    1. Jason Martinez Post author

      Initially, I had Webster/De La Rosa in there because Stewart indicated they would both be in. I had Cahill in and Chase Anderson out. Later, Stewart indicated that Anderson was in so I moved Cahill out. Not a big concern with the $. If he doesn’t make the team, he’d either be optioned (not sure he has any left) or would be DFA’d. He’d clear waivers and try to regain his old form in the minors. With that said, I think Cahill is in with a decent spring. Looks to be headed that way but I don’t always go away from my pre-Spring Training projections right away. Maybe one more good Cahill start or one more bad Webster start and I’ll change it.

  2. Eric

    Everything i’m reading is saying that nick ahmed might be the starting SS for the D’Backs. Just wondering why you have him in the minors to start the year. Thanks.

    1. Jason Martinez Post author

      That’s been a late development that I’m monitoring closely. Depends on whether they’d send Yasmany to AAA.

      I’ve boosted Ahmed’s playing time projection quite a bit in the past 2 weeks but I’m not sold on whether they’d go with him. Wasn’t close to being ready offensively last year. Not sure how far he’s come since.

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