Atlanta Braves 2020

Atlanta Braves Depth Chart   


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27 thoughts on “Atlanta Braves 2020

  1. Mike

    I think Peter Moylan is signed as a Braves thru 2016 (per Cots Contracts at Baseball Reference). Not a FA.

      1. Mike

        Also what happened to Jake Brigham? Braves did drop him from the 40-man, but I think he is still in the system. He was not great at the ML level in 2015, but showed some promise in AA/AAA.

  2. Nathan Walter

    Being super nit-picky here… You have the wrong flag next to Julio Teheran. You have the Venezuelan flag, but Teheran is from Colombia.

    1. Jason Martinez Post author

      That’s definitely not nit-picking. I consider that a very important part of these pages so thanks for mentioning it. Fixed.

  3. Andy Steen

    Jason – shouldn’t your “go to” projection for the Braves include Hector Olivera? He’s slated to be the starting LF.

    1. Jason Martinez Post author

      Makes more sense to see if they can get anything out of Bourn or Swisher so they possibly have some trade value later in the season. Whether Olivera joins the lineup in April or June doesn’t make a difference in their rebuilding process. He’s signed long-term. They need him to be ready to produce in 2017/2018 and beyond. Staying in AAA would also give him some time in LF, which I believe is very new to him.

      For what it’s worth, I still have him projected for 335 plate appearances. Would be over 500 plate appearances if Bourn/Swisher traded/released/injured. Unless that happens, there is no room on the roster. Bench is also full with Swisher, Beckham, Bonifacio, Kelly Johnson.

    1. Jason Martinez Post author

      Look in the Triple-A section. 1st corner outfielder. No room for him on current roster barring an injury/trade. Wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world if he started at AAA and worked on his OF defense, which will be new to him.

  4. Mike

    So far in ST it looks like Olivera is the starter in LF. Bench looks like Bonifacio, Beckham, Bourn, KJohnson, Flowers. Last cuts look like Francoeur, Castro, Swisher, Lavarnway. But injuries could impact that, with Freeman’s wrist and Flowers’ hamstring. Trades could also impact everything, especially if the Cardinals trade for Aybar.

    1. Anonymous

      Offense looks pretty spot on to how it will end up on Opening Day, barring injuries or trades.

      Pitching looks like it’s going to be:

      SP Teheran
      SP Norris
      SP Wisler
      SP Chacin

      LR Perez
      MR Winkler
      MR Ramirez
      MR Krol
      MR A Torres
      SU Vizcaino
      SU Johnson
      CL Grilli

      Banuelos will probably not be on the 25 man roster but will be called up once a fifth starter is needed

      1. Jason Martinez Post author

        If Torres makes the team and you’re a Braves fan, my recommendation is to not watch when he’s in the game. He might not give up a run every time out but that half inning will last about 15 minutes and it will seem like much longer.

  5. M W

    Chacin & Folty over Perez & Banuelas.

    Swisher over Bonifacio (eat 10 M$ or 1 M$)

    Ogando over Krol.

  6. Fred Owens

    A note
    George Kottaras was released August 19th.

    A suggestion
    Identify the rule five eligible players as well as the out of option players. I’ve been working on putting together the Braves list for this off season and want to be accurate. I don;t mind doing research for my posts but some of the rules are shall we say unclear.
    When trying to decipher who will be rule five eligible, Rule 55 free agents confuse things. For instance:
    If the player signs before he’s 18 but plays only in Venezuela or the Dominican do those years count towards rule 55 time?
    Has the player’s contract been renewed 6 times?
    Was the player on a minor league reserve list AND outrighted to the minors at least once before in his career?
    For the average guy clearing up the last two things is extremely difficult.

    1. Jason Martinez Post author

      Thanks Fred! The players who are out of options are identified with an X in the Out of Options column. A few could slip through the cracks, especially those journeymen types who end up in the majors this season after being in the minors for the last few years. I will be starting my research soon to have accurate option counts for every player. Should be ready by November. As for Rule 5 eligibility, that’s a bit trickier for those reasons you mentioned. That project will take some time and some clarification. Probably won’t have that ready until next offseason.

        1. Jason Martinez Post author

          Thanks. Those are the types of players who slip thru the cracks. I’ll double-check and update.

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