Chicago White Sox 2015 End of Season

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8 thoughts on “Chicago White Sox 2015 End of Season

    1. Jason Martinez Post author

      I wouldn’t call him ‘buried’. It’s Sanchez vs Johnson with the loser going to AAA. I thought it was a pretty even competition going in with Sanchez having a slight edge because of Johnson’s 0.000 big league service time—the Sox keep him an extra year (thru ’21 instead of ’20) if he’s in the minors for a few weeks and his arbitration is pushed back a year if he’s in the minors for approximately 2 months—and it’s not like he crushed AAA pitching last year (.684 OPS).

      Sanchez was in the Future’s game a few years ago and is actually younger than Johnson so he can’t be overlooked. Even though Johnson might be the better long-term prospect, it’s premature to say Johnson has won the job after 2 weeks. Sanchez isn’t playing bad either. With that said, I did bump Johnson’s projected playing time yesterday from 35% to 50% for the season. If he continues to impress, I would likely make the roster change in the very near future.

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