MLB Depth Charts

Updated MLB rosters, depth charts and player information, including current Power Rankings and how acquired by current team.  

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27 thoughts on “MLB Depth Charts

    1. Jason Martinez Post author

      If you can give me specifics (what is the ad, why is it blocking usage), I can look into it. Not all the same ads show up for everyone. Most are user-specific.

  1. John A

    This website has become absolutely awful. This used to be me my go to site for periodic roster checks but I simply can’t visit the site without running into a problem. As an above poster mentioned, ads will often block content. Pages will load and will automatically scroll to the bottom and then not let you scroll back to the top. Worst off, load times are ridiculously slow. I very rarely take the time to talk bad about a website but this used to be a great product and has been turned completely unusable.

    1. Jason Martinez Post author

      Thanks for taking the time to send the feedback. While I don’t think the site is awful and I can only go by the traffic volume to know if there are serious issues since I’m not getting related complaints, I do take all feedback seriously and will look into any potential issues.

      I’ve had about 3 people in a year mention the ads blocking the content. The ads that show up are specific to the user so it’s hard to pinpoint unless you give me more info on a particular ad. The issue before was fixed after I moved the ad lower on the specific page. Not sure about the page scrolling to the bottom but this is the first I’ve heard about it. Again, more specifics would help if you can.

      As far as loading time goes, it depends on browser, internet connection, etc. It won’t move as quickly as I want until I’m able to upgrade to a proper database. Hopefully soon!

      In the meantime, this would solve both of your issues for only a few $ …

  2. Kylepin19

    Can you please put next years free agents back on the website in MLB features, that was really useful at this time last year.

  3. John B.

    This is such an amazing site. I remember back in the mlbdepthchart days. I helped you out a few times inputting data on your spreadsheet. Awesome to see how far you have come. Keep up the great work.

  4. Kyle Towne

    No complaints here, just compliments. Have been a loyal follower for quite some time, and am on this site quite a lot this time of the year as I ramp up my excitement for the new season. The rosters are so quickly updated and are very accurate and easy to read. Jason clearly cares about his product and really commits himself and it shows. Keep up the good work!

    Also, if you’re ever hiring…

  5. John M. Savko

    Hi, Jason

    I have a new e-mail address. Where do I go to change it? At Don’t see any link for making a change. Haven’t gotten any e-mails for awhile (if any have been sent). Please advise. Thanks.


  6. Paul Fanaroff

    Are you going to have your “on the Cusp” feature? It was great for highlighting serious potential contributors to mlb rosters.

  7. DJMcCormack3

    I love the site and use it constantly. Thanks for the quick updates on transactions and all of the details. There is nothing close to similar and we couldn’t survive without it.

  8. William F. Gibson

    This is easily the most useful and comprehensive site for anyone interested in baseball and especially fantasy / Rotisserie baseball. The changes to the rosters are reflected rapidly and accurately. I am surprised if people use any other source.

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