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Draft Kit LogoThe 2014-15 MLB Depth Charts INSIDER, which includes our Fantasy Draft Kit and Draft Day software, is on sale!

Whether you’re preparing for your Fantasy Baseball season, in need of a resource to help you stay organized on draft day or just a baseball fan looking for reliable and up-to-date coverage, the MLBDC INSIDER is a must-have!

Check out one of several testimonials we’ve received since launching this current product …


I started using MLBDepthCharts for free in 2011, but had not used the Draft Kit until this year. Having played Rotesserie/Fantasy baseball for 27 years, I have used a multitude of auction/draft guides and a myriad of other online and hard copy resources.

I purchased the MLBDC/RosterResources Draft Kit two weeks ago and, for me, it is unquestionably the best draft/auction preparation and informational tool/resource I have ever used.

Absolutely worth every penny.

I am especially looking forward to having the in-depth information they provide and update daily throughout the season. Now I just have to use the information wisely to win the “Greatest Baseball Mind in the Universe” title for winning our league. Keep up the good work.

Mike aka RotoRooster


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NOTE: The Fantasy Draft Kit and Draft Day Software are included in the INSIDER. They are not sold separately.
If your league has unique scoring formats that our regular draft kit and draft software can’t accommodate, we also offer versions that we can customize for you. Click HERE more info and/or to place an order.


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Our Fantasy Baseball Draft Kit is a one-of-a-kind resource with Full Draft Day Software as well as Player Rankings and Projections (playing time % and statistical) that are adjusted regularly to coincide with all of the latest news around the league. The inclusion of popular features such as the Draft Day Cheat sheets, Player Efficiency Ratings, Prospect Rankings (Fantasy and Real-Life), Free Agent Tracker (includes destination and contract predictions for Top 70 free agents) and customizable Excel spreadsheets makes it one incredible bargain.



Interested in an even better value? You can also sign up now for an annual subscription that will include our 2015 Regular Season content.

While we will be scaling back on the amount of regular season INSIDER content, mainly because we are now offering several daily features for free at RosterResource, the plan is to focus our energy on perfecting the daily Batter and Pitcher rankings and a new weekly report that will give subscribers a close look at minor league prospects who are “Knocking Down the Door” to the majors, “Relievers on the Rise” and major leaguers who are “Losing A Grip” on their starting job.

Convinced yet? If you’re still on the fence, please feel free to email me with any questions or concerns. If you are ready to get started, sign up using the secure PayPal link near the top of this page and you’ll receive access as soon as it’s available.


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  1. sHARON

    The salaries for players look like they are for mixed league. How can I get AL only salaries?

    1. Jason Martinez Post author

      Just select AL on the custom league settings page under “Player Universe” and these should automatically change.

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