MLB Fantasy Baseball Draft Kit 2015

Our Fantasy Baseball Draft Kit, which is included in the MLBDC Insider subscription, is a one-of-a-kind resource with Full Draft Day Software, as well as Player Rankings and projections (playing time % and statistical) that are adjusted regularly to coincide with all of the latest news around the league.

The inclusion of popular features such as the Draft Day Cheatsheets, Player Efficiency Ratings, Prospect Rankings (Fantasy and Real-Life), Free Agent Tracker (includes destination and contract predictions) and customizable Excel spreadsheets (includes updated roster projections and 2014 stats) makes it one incredible bargain.




Draft BoardRecently added (2/2/15) to the draft kit is our Draft Day Software, which includes features that can help you get a leg up on the competition. Everything you need to draft your ideal team is right at your fingertips.

The Draft Board keeps track of each team in your league, letting you know which players each team has drafted to their roster, how much money they have left in their Budget (Auction Leagues) and ranks each team according to their strengths and weaknesses.

After each pick, the Roto Calculator automatically adjusts the projected standings based on the players on each team. This can be very useful during the middle and late rounds of your draft/auction as it lets you know exactly what you’re lacking on your team so you can fill those holes before it’s too late.


Our 2015 Fantasy Baseball Draft Kit is designed to fit all different types of leagues. Whether you play in a points league or rotisserie league, participate in a live draft or an auction,  you’ll be able to customize your league settings to accurately generate rankings catered to your specific league.

  • Points Based ScoringCustom ScoringCustom Settings
  • Rotisserie Scoring
  • League Specific 
  • League Type (Single Season/Keeper)
  • Live Draft Settings
  • Auction Draft Settings
  • Auction Values w/ INF



Overall RankingsAll new this season will be our Player Rankings that directly coincide with our playing time and statistical projections. In the past, we’ve taken into account playing time and statistical outputs to determine our rankings, however this season, we’ve come up with all new formulas that will coincide all three directly. Any time there’s a change in our playing time %, it will directly impact our rankings both overall and by position so you’ll always have the most up to date, accurate fantasy rankings around.


Our Player Profiles breakdown each position and player individually making it easy to compare different players on draft day at the click of a mouse. Each player profile includes the players rank, age, park factor, projected batting order # / pitching role, three seasons of statistics, games played by position, 2014 efficiency ratings, 2015 statistical projections and 2015 draft stats including ADP and Auction Values.




2015 Eff RatingsExclusive to MLBDepthCharts, the efficiency ratings are a unique way to find the true value of a player as we compare each player to his peers. We do this by adjusting each players statistical output / projections to the same number of plate appearances or batters faced. We all know fantasy is about opportunity, to have value, you must have playing time. While playing time is important, it doesn’t necessarily guarantee success. While high volume at bats / starts gives you a leg on the competition, it doesn’t always lead to great results. The efficiency ratings break each player down in each statistical category relative to fantasy and spits out a value (1/20) of how good the player is in that category each time he steps to the plate or takes the mound. The efficiency ratings are particularly useful for those of you participating in daily leagues as you can maximize the value of your team by starting players that excel in categories your currently trailing in.



2015 Inside the PenThe Reports, Charts and Grids provide unique, in-depth fantasy analysis for all 30 teams. We break down everything from the position eligibility to sleepers and busts.

Included in the reports, charts and grids are:

  • Inside the Pen
  • Average Draft Position Report
  • Auction Value Report
  • Minor League Report
  • Injury Report
  • Batting Order Grid
  • Position Eligibility Grid
  • New Position Eligibility Grid
  • New Team Arrivals
  • New League Arrivals
  • Breakouts, Bouncebacks, Sleepers & Busts


Our minor league features cover everything from top prospects-by-team to the top fantasy prospects in the minors who might be off the radar. We cover the minor leagues from both a fantasy and real-life prospective to differentiate the player’s value depending on your type of league.

Included in the Minor League Features are:

  • 2015 Minor LeagueMinor League Hitting/Pitching Reports
  • 2015 Top 25 Impact Fantasy Prospects
  • Top 101 Fantasy Minor League Prospects
  • Top 101 Fantasy Prospects Player Profiles
  • Top 101 Real Life Minor League Prospects
  • Top 300 Real Life Prospects by Position
  • Top 10 Minor League Prospects by Team



Our Spring Training report covers everything you need to know in the Cactus and Grapefruit leagues.

Included in the Spring Training Report are:

  • Daily Schedule
  • Daily Lineups
  • Daily News
  • Spring Training Stat Leaders



If you’re a fan of draft cheat sheets, you’ve come to the right place. We have over 100 draft day cheat sheet options that are customizable and unique to your particular league so there’s something for everyone. Whether your in a redraft or a keeper league, a live draft or an auction draft or an AL/NL only league, we’ve got you covered!

Included Draft Day Cheat Sheet options are:

  • Player Rankings by Position
  • Overall Player Rankings
  • Draft Day Manifests
  • Draft Day Roster Trackers
  • Auction Draft Manifests
  • Auctions Draft Budget Trackers



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NOTE: The Fantasy Draft Kit is included in the INSIDER. It is not sold separately.

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