MLB: Free Agents 2015-16

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The current listing of free agents are sorted by primary position and our Free Agency ranking. “Power Rank” refers to Roster Resource’s in-season Power Ranking, which is based on statistical production. There are separate rankings for hitters, starting pitchers and relief pitchers.

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10 thoughts on “MLB: Free Agents 2015-16

    1. Jason Martinez Post author

      He’s in there. He’s the 16th SP from the top of that section. He’ll probably be higher than that once I rank each category next week.

  1. Joe Girardi

    So many qualifying offers this year, I think Matt Wieters will accept his qualifying offer, I mean he really didn’t have the best year so his stock is low.

  2. jon

    what about that closer from japan or whatever named Oh….i heard he is available but i dont see his name anywhere on most sites….i think he is a decent pitcher and can help any RP needy team but he is in his early 30s i think (i believe hes 33)

    1. Jason Martinez Post author

      He’s a reliever from Korea. Typically, it’s hard to know how these guys will do coming from the KBO and don’t get much hype. Only reason Byung-Ho Park’s situation is interesting is because of how well Jung Ho Kang did last season. The lack of good late-inning relievers on the FA market makes Oh at least sort of interesting so I’ll add him.

      1. Bat571

        Key point with Seung-Hwan Oh is that he’s pitched in Japan the past two seasons after pitching in the KBO and did VERY well – leading many to believe he may be as good as any of the Japanese relievers like Uehara, Tazawa, and Sasaki, all of whom have done quite well. He’s not as big as Kaz Sasaki, but may have similar stuff.

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