MLB: Knocking Down the Door (August 2015)

“Knocking Down the Door” typically features minor leaguers who are on the verge of a big league call-up. This season, this was only made available to Insider subscribers. Many of the prospects who have been featured (Buxton, Correa, Franco, Sano, Tucker, Matz, McCullers,┬áNola, Owens, Severino, Syndergaard, etc.) have already made the jump to the majors.

With only two months remaining in the season, it’s much more difficult to pick out prospects who can still have an impact late in the season. Therefore, I have compiled a list of prospects, sorted by division, who are performing well and have a chance to get some playing time in the majors down the stretch. I will add and remove players throughout August.

Although I am not providing analysis here, I do have thoughts on each player in regards to their chances of getting called up and what kind of impact they can make. Feel free to send me your questions @mlbdepthcharts.