Minnesota Twins 2018-19 Offseason

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22 thoughts on “Minnesota Twins 2018-19 Offseason

    1. Jason Martinez Post author

      I only include ETA for Top 10 ranked players in the org., which he will be by BA and BP this offseason. They just haven’t released Twins rankings yet.
      I’d probably say mid or late 2016.


    Hi, I attended TwinsFest recently and Molitor said that, on the basis of his September showing, Tyler Duffey earned the #4 spot in the rotation, and that Milone and Nolasco will fight it out for #5.

    1. Jason Martinez Post author

      I’ll do some investigating but won’t necessarily change the projection. A manager can sometimes get ahead of himself. This happens often early in spring. Duffey was way better than anticipated and that’s not uncommon for an unknown pitcher in a small sample. Not smart to give a guy a job with so little experience. It wouldn’t be a surprise if he came back down to earth early on. Nolasco, if healthy and if he looks halfway decent in the spring, is in. Makes too much money to let him pitch out of the ‘pen where he has no experience. I can see them moving Milone to the ‘pen, but he also makes a lot of $, lacks experience in the ‘pen and has a decent track record as a starter. In all likelihood, the 3 of those guys are auditioning for the one spot that will be available once Berrios arrives.

      1. BOB MEEHL

        Yes, I agree. Of course the Twins would love Nolasco to shine in spring training so they can find a team that would (foolishly!) want him, taking on some portion of what he is owed.


    Poor Engelb Vielma. Twins give him uniform #1 this spring, but he gets no mention here!

  3. Tony


    Stephen Gonsalves has been updated to #98 on MLB’s Top Prospect page. I’m assuming that has happened because of prospects falling off. I just thought you’d want to add him to the Twins’ top prospect list.

    1. Jason Martinez Post author

      Thanks Tony. I believe they update their list as players graduate to the majors. If I have time to go through those, I’ll update them all in the next few days.

  4. Noah

    At the bottom of the page, it says Justin Haley was acquired from the Twins but that is obviously wrong. Just saying.

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