MLB: MiLB Contract, MLB Camp Invite

This list includes veteran players who are signed to minor league contracts and have been invited to MLB camp. Non-veterans (less than 6 years of MiLB service time) have been excluded. Any player who has been invited to MLB camp is on a team page with an “NRI” icon in their row.

OK, I’ll set the “Over/Under” at 20 for the number of times you have to ask yourself, “WOW, IS THAT GUY REALLY STILL PLAYING?”

2015 MLB stats are displayed.


2 thoughts on “MLB: MiLB Contract, MLB Camp Invite

  1. Louis Drouin - Quebec City Canada

    RP Roman Mendez is with the Red Sox not TEX.

    Wow ! That’s a great recap. Easier to prepare our list 4 draft day.

    1. Jason Martinez Post author

      Thanks Louis. Just had the wrong abbreviation in the database for 3 guys (Mendez, Mastroianni, Burke). All fixed now. Feel free to send me an email request for the full list of NRI’s if it helps with your prep.

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