New York Yankees 2018-19 Offseason

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27 thoughts on “New York Yankees 2018-19 Offseason

    1. Jason Martinez Post author

      Hicks will play vs LHP. I think a beat writer mentioned Gardner as the platoon partner initially but you’re probably right. They’ll give Beltran a break as often as possible and Ellsbury could sit at times if he doesn’t improve on last year’s performance.

    1. Jason Martinez Post author

      Thanks. I’ve fixed it. There was some confusion when they optioned him due to the wording that the beat writer used when reporting it. was confused, as well, because they weren’t showing him on there for awhile. Looks like it’s been corrected.

  1. Rob "Coffin Nail" Schumann

    You should update their 2016 draft picks. All picks from the first 10 rounds have been signed. Love the knocking down the door series!!

    1. Jason Martinez Post author

      I’ll change that. Thanks. After initially being ruled out for the season, there was some speculation that he might return late (September/playoffs). Don’t see that happening now.

  2. Steve

    Hey there, great site, just FYI, Kyle Higashioka should be listed as in AAA, I believe he came up for about a month or so when Sanchez went to the majors

    1. Jason Martinez Post author

      When he cleared waivers and became a free agent, Yankees signed him for remainder of ’16 season. A’s are responsible for his ’17 salary but he’s a free agent.

  3. Matt

    I can’t believe I just found this site, Just want to thank you for all this hard work and information. This is one hell of a database

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