New York Yankees 2015 End of Season

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6 thoughts on “New York Yankees 2015 End of Season

  1. Andy

    I truly dislike this new web format. Is there anyway you would revert to the old format where the team logos were at the top of the page and you could easily navigate by just clicking on them? It was so much easier and better.

    1. Jason Martinez Post author

      The removal of the logos was done prior to the template change so it’s not related at all. It’s important to monetize the site during the busy traffic season so using that valuable space for advertisement is important to the site’s existence.

      With that said, I do think the quick links are valuable for the browsing experience and I’m currently brainstorming the best alternative to having the logos at the top of the header. There is extra room with the new template so it’s highly likely I can make it happen soon.

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