San Diego Padres 2019

San Diego Padres Depth Chart   


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14 thoughts on “San Diego Padres 2019

  1. Kevin

    You should switch Solarte and the Schimpf platoon in their position. Solarte plays third and Schimpf plays second.

    1. Jason Martinez Post author

      Still in experiment mode. Lots of guys can throw 97 MPH. Hard to see it happening without him spending time in the minors as a pitcher. Since he doesn’t have options, probably not happening in ’17. With Torrens now in line to be the backup catcher, I can possibly see him in a role where he catches occasionally, pinch hits and pitches occasionally in an extreme mop-up situation.

      1. Roydjt

        It’s worth noting that the Padres sent Josh VanMeter to the Reds to complete the trade for Torrens. They could still offer him back to the Yankees, but the Reds keep VanMeter regardless, so it’s looking pretty certain that the Padres will retain Torrens.

        The Panama Winter League just opened yesterday, and Bethancourt is set to pitch, DH, and perhaps occasionally catch:

  2. Roydjt

    Where is Trey McNutt? He represented the Padres in the AZL but he’s not listed here. Do they still have him under contract?

    1. Jason Martinez Post author

      Not sure. He wasn’t on the Baseball America list of MiLB free agents. He was drafted in 2009 so I would think he’d be eligible. In any case, I’ll add him if he’s a non-roster invitee. I believe it was Kyle McGrath who played in the AFL.

      1. Roydjt

        MLBTR said he was re-signed, but I can’t find any reliable data on minor league contracts. B-R and list AZL stats for him with the Padres, but again that’s all circumstantial evidence. I’ll be surprised if he’s a non-roster invitee since he hasn’t pitched any significant quantity of innings since 2012. Still, he strikes me as the type that should be “on the radar”.

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