Toronto Blue Jays 2015 End of Season

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7 thoughts on “Toronto Blue Jays 2015 End of Season

  1. Justin

    Chances are Wilton Lopez will break camp with the club barring injury or complete meltdown.

    “If he’s the guy he’s been, he’ll have a very good chance to make the team.” – Anthopolous

    AA is cryptic in his speech but the fact that “[he] actually tried to trade for Wilton Lopez before he was traded to Colorado” coupled with his favourable review: “What we like about him is he pitches 70 innings every year, he’s a strike-thrower, and he gets groundballs – those things are great for our park.”, would lead you to believe that a spot in the bullpen is his to lose.

    Given the lack of starting pitchers the Jay’s have at the AAA level, you gotta think that one of Jenkins or Drabek (if not both) heads to Buffalo to get stretched out thus making room for Lopez.

    Also, chances are Thole isn’t Dickey’s personal catcher any longer & likely does not make the 25-man roster.

    “With Navarro and Martin on the team there’s a scenario that we go with all three of [our catchers], but that’s not ideal – we’d prefer to go with two.” – Anthopolous

    Again, cryptic but not undecipherable.

  2. Justin

    Also Kevin Pillar profiles to be nothing more than a right-handed platoon bat. One of either Dirks or Dickerson is likely to be his left-handed parter.

    1. Jason Martinez Post author

      Sounds like Thole will be Dickey’s catcher and Navarro isn’t going to just waste a spot on the bench. And he’s been less terrible this spring than Smoak (6-for-36), who isn’t exactly a proven MLB hitter. I wouldn’t count on him being an everyday player just yet.

      No Travis yet because I’m guessing they want to push back his free agency a year by keeping him in the minors a few weeks. They might not care, though. I’m monitoring the situation closely.

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