Atlanta Hawks 2018-19

Atlanta Hawks Depth Chart

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5 thoughts on “Atlanta Hawks 2018-19

    1. Jason Martinez Post author

      I believe that was his 2016-17 option with the Nets, which was in our database. I’ve been overriding those with estimated salary for now but didn’t on Jack for some reason. Fixed now. Thanks for catching that!

  1. Kulwinder

    This is by far the best depth chart page I’ve seen. Only 1 thing though: the bench should be sorted by (projected) minutes, not by position. It gives a better picture of the team situation IMO.

    1. Jason Martinez Post author

      Thanks! It is sorted by projected minutes, although there will be some moving around once we get closer to the start of the season. We’ll also likely separate a “rotation” from the guys on the back of the bench that rarely get important minutes. Is there any player that you feel should be higher up the depth chart? One of the centers, maybe.

      1. Kulwinder

        Thanks for the reply! Sorry, for some reason I saw a bunch of bigs at the bottom and assumed it was sorted by position lol. Yeah, then all is good. I guess like a divider or something between rotation player and back of the bench guys would be good as well as you mentioned. Also, I do think it would be a nice to have a separate depth chart (like here: where you can easily see how many players are at each position, including separaters from the rotation guys and back end bench guys. Other than that, amazing stuff!

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