NBA: Wednesday DFS Morning Lineup

With plenty of players in a 13-game pool, picking a pair of superstars to build your lineup around will be the fun part of your construction. Not to mention, the sweat.

Getting the grunt work done with an ocean of players, many of which are on tanking teams, is the task that will likely be the difference when the final buzzer sounds in Phoenix Wednesday night.

With FanDuel hosting the $1 million NBA MEGA Slam on Wednesday night, the difference between $100k and a couple of hundred dollars might be the sophistication of your handicap. Or, considering some of the punts available, just plain luck.

Taking a couple of big stars like James Harden and Anthony Davis – whose teams face each other in New Orleans – seems like a no brainer. No one wants to be left behind if these two start scoring in epic proportions, giving some of the monster games by the league’s superstars of late.

Harden could almost be considered a value at FanDuel, coming in with a salary of 11.5k. With nearly five 50-point fantasy performances this month, Harden thrilled fans with his latest fantasy bomb – a 63-point night at Indiana, scoring 44 points on 10-of-21 shooting. Two games before that, James has 66 FPs at home against DEN.

Meanwhile, Davis returned from an ankle injury on Sunday an proceeded to pile up 26 points and nearly 40 fantasy points. Already this month, he has fantasy performances of 81, 66 and 78 points.

DeMarcus Cousins is another option at center with strong consistency and the necessary upside to score big. DMC was incredible on Tuesday night with over 70 fantasy points against the Sixers. He would’ve had 80 if he got every call he whines about. Cousins is so important in tournament lineups because of his huge upside. And even his worst nights can usually be salvaged in your cash lineup. This takes you a step down from Davis at 10.7k.