NBA: Wednesday DFS Resourceful Plays

Wednesday DFS Resourceful Plays from

Brooklyn Nets LogoThaddeus Young – Young could approach 30 fantasy points tonight at New York. He missed two games with a left knee injury, then returned for a near-25 points fantasy game vs IND, playing 39 minutes. Thad’s usual strong field goal percentage hasn’t been it’s usual, but we’re look for a return to form sooner than later because of his health.

Brooklyn Nets LogoDeron Williams – Our best value PG overnight, and we like him over 30 fantasy tonight against the Knicks, which has has accomplished in four of his last five outings. Williams was ill leading up to Tuesday night’s game with IND, but he still went out and played 30 minutes, putting up a terrific 34.2 fantasy for 6.2k at FD.

Brooklyn Nets LogoBrook Lopez – What’s not to add about our fantasy superstar BroLo. Well, how about a road matchup at the laughable Knicks. Brook should eat this matchup and easily continue his dominant run. Considering he is currently 8.2k at FanDuel might have been funny a couple of months ago, but tonight it looks like another good deal.

Brooklyn Nets LogoJoe Johnson – Reasonable price, but only if he suits your needs at the position because there is better to be had. If you are stuck in this range, however, we can endorse Joe on this night. He has been superb over the last three games, just smashing his projection. We would be satisfied with his fantasy production in the high 20s tonight, but recently he has shown a penchant for considerably more.

New York Knicks LogoAndrea Bargnani – Bargs gets a call for us against BKN, which looks to be going a bit more up-tempo of late. Not many are interested in rostering anyone from the Knicks, but at the price of just 5.7k at FanDuel, Andrea would give us a great return if he can get over 30 fantasy points. He is nearly an automatic double-figure scorer on a nightly basis.

Oklahoma City Thunder LogoEnes Kanter – We have Kanter amassing over 40 fantasy points in this high-scoring game. DAL struggles against centers, ranking 24th against the position. Kanter had an off night of his terrific recent form at PHX lat time out. Can’t deny that Enes still ranks on our value list with his price tag down to 7k tonight at FanDuel. He has fallen short of projection in two of his last three after his awesome run.

Dallas Mavericks LogoChandler Parsons – With a high-scoring game expected at OKC we think Chandler will keep up his shooting. He had 37 FPs against OKC last time out, and had 41 FPs against the Thunder back in Jan. We expect 30 fantasy points out of Parsons tonight, although he busted for 40 last game, including 27 points on 11-of-20 shooting. He has had over 30 fantasy points in three of his last four starts.

Dallas Mavericks LogoRajon Rondo – Last time against OKC he had 33 FPs. This is an expected up-tempo game with the total at 216.5 overnight. The old vets are the sneaky guard plays on Wednesday night. It would held Rajon’s value tremendously if Monta Ellis were to miss the game. Monta was QUES overnight with a knee injury. Rondo lit it up fantasy-style at IND over the weekend with nearly 45 fantasy points.

San Antonio Spurs LogoKawhi Leonard – Kawhi is one direction we’re leaning at SF. He really seems to be hitting his post-season stride, just like last season. He put up nearly 50 fantasy points last night at MIA. Everyone wonders who is in or who is out for the Spurs, but Kawhi is always in, and usually, so are we. Looks like a real deal quite often at just 8.2k at FanDuel.

San Antonio Spurs LogoTim Duncan – Against Frye or Dedmon, all we need to do is make sure we don’t get “Pop’d” so check to see if Timmy is playing tonight or if he gets rest on the back-to-back. A Spurs team at full strength is expected to score nearly 105 points here, and with Duncan matching projections in every game this week, we can count on him for around 35 fantasy points tonight.

New Orleans Hornets LogoOmer Asik – Asik looks under-the-radar here, as he has been pretty sub-par for three-straight after returning from injury. Omer usually gets his attention from fantasy players when AD sits, but if we can get 25-30 minutes out of him, we think 30 fantasy points can be achieved tonight. We don’t see the Lakers keeping him off the boards when he is in there.

New Orleans Hornets LogoTyreke Evans – Tyreke against the Lakers is a good matchup against Clarkson and Lin. He is 7.9k at FanDuel and could reach over 35 fantasy points tonight. Evans has been hobbled with an ankle injury, but had two solid fantasy outings before falling short of projection last time out at home against MIN.

Toronto Raptors LogoJonas Valanciunas – Has beaten projections five-straight games, and this looks to be a dominating matchup for him against MIN, which will be without Dieng. He had 30 points against a healthier Wolves squad last meeting. Great performance last time out with 15 points, nine rebounds and five blocks and is listed tonight at 6.2k at FanDuel. Jonas always opens the game up as the leading fantasy scorer, it seems.

Toronto Raptors LogoDeMar DeRozan – DeMar lit up the T-Wolves last time they met and had 40 FPs. Kyle Lowry is still listed as questionable with that troublesome back injury. DeMar just kept shooting against HOU on Monday night. This certainly wouldn’t be considered a value play despite Lowry’s absence, but if DeMar comes up with nearly 40 FPs like we expect, we’re going to want to be on him.

Toronto Raptors LogoJames Johnson – Gets our ultimate sleeper as we like him for 22 fantasy for 3.7k. He could get extra playing time in a Toronto road blowout, as the Raps were favored by 8.5 overnight. James had over 30 fantasy points against the Lakers over the weekend.

Toronto Raptors LogoLou Williams – His price went up a tad, but pretty good value to keep riding if you have been going with Lou since Lowry has been out.  Williams still isn’t topping 30 minutes with Lowry around, but he gets his shots, and his price has not seen an increase despite the obvious increased production with Lowry sidelined.

Washington Wizards LogoMarcin Gortat – Going up against PHL there will be a blowout risk with the Wizards favored by double-digits over the 76ers.  Still at 6.5k at FanDuel, Marcin could be good for us if he can get over the 30 point fantasy mark for our cash lineup. He has been a pretty big disappointment over the last two weeks meeting expectations, but we are banking on the matchup here.

Washington Wizards LogoJohn Wall – Wall has well over 50 PFs in his last three games, including a 25-point outing, along with 12 assists and eight rebounds, last time out. Wall rarely disappoints fantasy-wise and this role against Philly should be no different. The overwhelmingly tremendous upside could be nullified by a blowout, but just a regular game for John of late would be over 45 fantasy points anyway.

Washington Wizards LogoBradley Beal – The steady salary decline combined with the matchup against the 76ers, who are ranked 28th against SGs, gives us a green light on Beal. The Sixers just allowed 53 fantasy points to the Lakers’ combo of Wayne Ellington and Jabari Brown, so Beal should nearly crack 30 fantasy points tonight. Blowout risk is the caution, however, so he’ll have to run it up early.

Utah Jazz LogoRudy Gobert – We still like him against a Denver squad which has no bigs. Paying an awful high price nowadays for Rudy at 8.7k at FanDuel, but this matchup is too juicy for Gobs. Rudy hit a rocky road for a few games, but it seems he is right back on form. He is dominating the glass and it is leading to seemingly upwards of 40 fantasy points with regularity.

Utah Jazz LogoTrevor Booker – We are very high on Book’s prospects tonight if Favors is out. He has been playing well and could see extra minutes even with Derrick back, which would be great for a 4k price tag at FanDuel. But the play on this deep card is with Booker getting plenty of minutes with Favors still sidelined. Favors was still questionable with a back injury as of early Wed. morning.

Portland Trail Blazers LogoNicolas Batum – Can’t say enough about how money Nic has been of late. Huge first-round home court playoff implications here, and the Clippers came off a fading effort last night at home against rival GS. Batum go get nearly 35 fantasy points tonight as he is starting to show signs of moving past his back injury that limed his production over the last two weeks, as his last two outings he was able to meet some rather lofty projections.

Portland Trail Blazers LogoArron Afflalo – He is getting the green light and he has increased production and get about 35 minutes in an up-tempo game vs LAC. We can likely lock him in to many a shooting guard position on this card. A quick glance show poor production over the last two weeks, but we point out our look over the last two games. We think Afflalo’s role is increasing and we get him at the bargain price of 3.9k at FD.

Portland Trail Blazers LogoDamian Lillard – If you can afford Lillard, he could be your play tonight. We likely will have to make sacrifices elsewhere, but the Blazers are expected to score around 105 points, and in some cases he will become your option, which should be fine. He has had a couple of sub-par fantasy games of late, but tonight’s up-tempo affair should change things for his production for 8.4k at FD.