NFL How Assembled Charts

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The “How Assembled Charts” list all players on a team’s roster as well as any players on the reserve list.  

Practice squad members are also listed but are not counted in any of the chart’s totals because they are capable of being signed away by another team if placed immediately on that club’s 53-man roster.  

The various ways that a player can be acquired are shown in the column headings running across the top of the chart and the rows down the left side indicate the year of acquisition.  Players on the reserve list are shown inside various colored boxes which help to quickly identify their current status. Total player counts are shown in parenthesis for each method of acquisition, year of arrival, and status type. Each player entry lists data in the following order: usual position played, user name, draft round if applicable, team acquired from, and month of acquisition.  

Any abbreviations used in the player entries are explaned in the box below. The charts are up-to-date as of the date listed in the top right hand corner of each page.

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Charts Courtesy of  Ed Ibarguen