NHL: Lightning-Fast Ad-Free Browsing Registration

In order to provide Roster Resource readers with valuable content in an organized format, we utilize Google Docs, which works quite well with our process of maintaining accurate information in a timely manner. We also provide ads on the site in order to bring in revenue to the Roster Resource business.

Both of these features, however, slow down the loading time of each page. Depending on several different factors, this could make browsing through the site’s content a not so user-friendly experience. If you’re like me, you enjoy browsing through the pages at a lightning-fast pace and would find great value in being able to so.

For a small fee, you can now do that with the NHL content at Roster Resource! It’s only $4.99 through the end of the 2015-16 regular season.

You’ll receive access to a Google Docs link that will allow you to quickly move from page to page without any hesitation. Click HERE to access a sample file so you can see for yourself how quickly you can browse the team pages.

Sign up using the secure PayPal link below and you’ll receive instructions shortly thereafter.

2015-16 subscription

*If you wish to use a different email than the one that is attached to your PayPal account, please note that on the PayPal registration page or just send me an email after you’ve signed up.