9/10/14 NXT Takeover: Fatal 4 Way Review

Adrian Neville def. Tyson Kidd, Sami Zayn and Tyler Breeze in a fatal four-way to retain the NXT Championship

Match Grade: A+

Kidd made his entrance wearing Beats headphones, which is such a douchebag move and fit his character wonderfully. The crowd broke out into a hilarious call-and-response “Tyson chicken! Nattie’s wife!” chant as the match began. All four men started brawling and the action quickly spilled outside. Zayn hit Breeze with his own phone, then took a selfie. Kidd beat down on Neville as Zayn picked apart Breeze.

Kidd and Zayn got back in the ring, and Zayn immediately locked in a Koji Clutch, forcing Breeze to make the save. The brawl spilled outside again, with Kidd and Breeze teaming up to double-suplex Neville onto the stage and Zayn onto the entrance ramp. Back in the ring, Kidd hit an elbow drop on Zayn and teamed up with Breeze to wear down Zayn.

Kidd and Breeze continuously prevented Neville from returning to the ring. They hit a double clothesline on Zayn, and Breeze went for the cover. Kidd hit him with a superkick, and Zayn nailed Kidd with a jawbreaker. Kidd responded with a clothesline and dumped Neville from the ring yet again. Kidd hit an enziguiri on Zayn for a near-fall, following up with a top-rope guillotine leg drop for another two.

Kidd hung Zayn in the tree of woe and hit a dropkick to the face for two. Neville got back in the ring and hit a running crossbody and a back bodydrop on Kidd. Breeze returned to the ring and clotheslined Neville. Zayn hit a clothesline and a dropkick on Breeze, sending him from the ring. Neville hit a top-rope springboard moonsault, taking out both Breeze and Kidd outside the ring.

Zayn and Neville were left alone in the ring. Neville hit a dropkick, which Zayn answered with a back bodydrop, which forced Kidd to make the save. Kidd delivered a spinning neckbreaker on Zayn for a near-fall, following up with an enziguiri. Kidd tried for a springboard top-rope elbow drop, but Zayn got his knees up. Zayn tried for a Helluva Kick, but Breeze hit a Beauty Shot on him.

Breeze followed up with superkicks on both Neville and Kidd, earning near-falls on both men. Breeze and Kidd took Neville up top and tried for a double superplex, but Zayn double powerbombed them into the superplex on Neville in a truly insane spot. Zayn got a near-fall on Kidd, but Neville caught him with a big boot. Neville climbed up top and hit a shooting star press. As he went for the pin, Breeze threw Neville off and gained a near-fall of his own.

The crowd was absolutely freaking out by this point. Breeze tried for a Beauty Shot on Zayn, but Kidd knocked Zayn out of the way and caught Breeze in a sharpshooter. Breeze tried to tap, but Neville threw himself between Breeze’s hand and the mat, preventing him from tapping. Zayn spilled Neville over the top rope and hit an exploder suplex into the turnbuckles on Kidd.

Zayn went between the ropes for a suicide dive on Neville, sending him into the crowd. Zayn next targeted Breeze with his through-the-ropes flying tornado DDT. Back in the ring, Zayn hit a Helluva Kick on Kidd, but Neville pulled the ref out of the ring to save his title. Neville hit a superkick on Zayn, then climbed up top and hit the Red Arrow on Kidd for the pinfall. Wow, I need to catch my breath after that. What a match! Amazing storytelling with Kidd repeatedly isolating himself with one other competitor in the ring, and with Neville repeatedly breaking up pins/submissions to save his title at any cost. The frequent, believable false finishes for all four men lent a tremendous amount of drama, and the crowd popped especially huge for each of Breeze’s close calls.

Charlotte def. Bayley by pinfall to retain the NXT Women’s Championship

Match Grade: B+

The pre-match promo package was absolutely tremendous. Both women were painted as extremely serious competitors. I wish the main roster would treat its women wrestlers this well. Bayley has a wonderful new theme song and sleeves of streamers on her top. Charlotte offered her a handshake, but Bayley refused and attacked her, hitting a running crossbody and a clothesline for two.

Bayley tried for a backslide, but Charlotte reversed it into a backbreaker, following up with three knee drops for a near-fall. Charlotte locked in the figure-four headlock, hitting a dropkick when Bayley fought out of it. Bayley and Charlotte exchanged chops in the middle of the ring, before Charlotte used a figure-four headlock to transition into multiple bridging seated hurricanranas. That was awesome.

Bayley and Charlotte exchanged pinning maneuvers, and Charlotte tried for the figure-four leglock. Bayley reversed it into an inside cradle for a near-fall, but Charlotte responded with a dropkick. Charlotte climbed up top and tried for a moonsault, but Bayley caught her and hit a tremendous top-rope hurricanrana for a near-fall, earning a “This is awesome” chant.

Charlotte hit a moonsault for a two-count and followed up with her forward somersault cutter for the pin. This was a really excellent match, but the finish was a bit abrupt. This would have been better if they had been given a few more minutes to work to the finish. After the match, Sasha Banks attacked Bayley in the ring, until Charlotte pulled Sasha off of her.

Kalisto and Sin Cara def. The Ascension by pinfall to win the NXT Tag Team Championships

Match Grade: B+

Kalisto and Sin Cara made a pretty tremendous entrance, with a new theme and a new Titantron. Sin Cara started off hot, with back-to-back second-rope springboard crossbody maneuvers, a second-rope springboard moonsault and a dropkick on Viktor. Viktor tried for a powerbomb onto the top rope, but Sin Cara reversed it into a hurricanrana.

Viktor reached Konnor, but Sin Cara hit him with an enziguiri and tagged Kalisto. Kalisto hit a top-rope crossbody and a second-rope springboard spinning headbutt on Viktor. Sin Cara hit a suicide dive on Konnor outside the ring, and Kalisto sent Viktor outside the ring as well with a hurricanrana. Sin Cara and Kalisto both hit suicide dives.

Kalisto brought Viktor back to the ring, but Viktor hit a huge clothesline. The Ascension set up for The Fall of Man, but Sin Cara hit an enziguiri on Konnor, giving Kalisto the opening to hit Salina Del Sol for the pinfall. One hell of an opening match with a very high workrate. Really enjoyed this.

William Regal introduces Hideo Itami to the NXT Universe

Kenta entered to a huge pop, with an excellent theme song, blending traditional Japanese elements with metal. Kenta addressed the audience, speaking mostly in Japanese, before saying that this is a dream come true for him, and that as a tribute to one of his heroes, he was changing his name to Hideo Itami. The Ascension interrupted and tossed him from the ring. Konnor took the mic and told Regal to give them a rematch against Sin Cara and Kalisto, but Itami got back inside and cleared the ring. A very solid segment to introduce Itami to American audiences.

Enzo Amore (w/Colin Cassady) def. Sylvester LeFort (w/Marcus Louis) by pinfall in a Hair vs. Hair match

Match Grade: C+

Enzo cut a tremendous promo about all the different hairstyles he could give LeFort, but said that it didn’t really matter because “your options are limited…to zero options!” Enzo almost earned an early rollup victory, following up with a dropkick and a big hip toss. LeFort fought back with a jawbreaker and a gorilla press slam. LeFort hit a clothesline for a very close near-fall, but Enzo rolled him up for the pinfall victory. After the match, LeFort ran away so Enzo and Cass dumped the bucket of hair-removal cream on Louis instead. I really liked Big Cass’ Dudley Boyz reference (“Enzo…GET THE BUCKET!”), and overall this worked about as well as anyone could have expected. Solid comedy filler.

Bull Dempsey def. Mojo Rawley by pinfall

Match Grade: D+

Bull unleashed with a furious series of strikes, but Mojo responded with a double-leg takedown. Bull responded with a massive shoulder tackle and climbed up top, hitting a top-rope headbutt for the squash victory. After the match, Bull hit another top-rope headbutt. Goodnight, sweet Mojo.

Baron Corbin def. CJ Parker by pinfall

Match Grade: N/A

Corbin decimated Parker in about 15 seconds. I thoroughly enjoyed watching Parker get squashed.