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Whether you’re preparing for an upcoming Fantasy Baseball draft or just trying to keep tabs on rosters, you’ve come to the right place. In addition to our free content at Roster Resource, we now have multiple premium options at a great value. Subscribe to either the “Ad-Free, Fast-Browsing Content” or the “Fantasy Baseball Prep Kit” for only $10 each or you can become a VIP subscriber and get both for $17.50.

•AD-FREE, FAST-BROWSING CONTENT  $10 (expires at conclusion of World Series 2019)
  $10 (regularly updated thru Opening Day 2019)
•ROSTER RESOURCE VIP  $17.50 (includes ad-free, fast-browsing content and Fantasy Baseball Prep Kit)

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As a VIP, you’ll have access to Roster Resource’s Depth Charts (MLB, NFL, NBA) and MLB payroll pages with no ads and no loading time while browsing—click HERE for an example—as well as our Fantasy Baseball Prep Kit.

The prep kit, which is available as an Excel spreadsheet and two online tables with filter/sort capabilities, will be regularly updated through the 1st full day of the MLB season. By researching, gathering and organizing information that is relevant to MLB rosters, present and future, we are able provide you with an up-to-date study guide that can save you several hours of valuable time. Other features:

  • Rankings (overall and by position)
  • Projections (playing time and stats, updated regularly)
  • Printer-friendly cheatsheet
  • Projected Opening Day Rosters
  • Closer Depth Chart
  • Bounce-Back candidates
  • Breakout candidates
  • Top Prospect Rankings
  • Rookie Rankings
  • Position Grid
  • Injury Report
  • Notable Updates

Beginning in late March, we will be scaling back on how much free content will be providing on the site—more details coming soon—while adding subscriber-only content on a regular basis. If you’re a fan of the current format of the depth charts, they aren’t going away. You’ll just have to pay for them, although it’s a bargain price with no ads or loading time while browsing.

Contact Jason Martinez at or @mlbdepthcharts if you have any questions.