Lucha Underground Review – Cueto Sets the Stage for Ultima Lucha

6/10/15 – Andrew Berg – @WrestleRosters

Dario Cueto Introduces Chavo Guerero, Blue Demon, and a New Concept

Dario Cueto opened the show with the announcement of “Ultima Lucha,” the biggest Lucha Underground show of the year. He announced a match between each of Prince Puma’s former challengers to crown a new #1 Contender to take him on at this big show. He also welcomed back the legendary Blue Demon and invited him to Ultima Lucha. The invitation was quickly revealed to be more of a trap, though, as he said that he needed to see that Blue Demon does not have any ring rust and put him in an unexpected No DQ match against Chavo Guerrero and The Crew.


Chavo got an easy win with the help of The Crew. The triple-teamed him and pummeled him with Kendo Sticks. When The Crew held Blue Demon down for Chavo’s Frog Splash, it almost felt like an act of mercy before the eventual pinfall.


Ultima Lucha is a fantastic idea that will only elevate the promotion further if executed successfully. It is supremely challenging to continually book rolling programs that crest sequentially and keep LU at its peak. The pursuit and payoff inherent to professional wrestling lend themselves to building toward a big event. If Ultima Lucha can function as that event for LU, it will only help the company establish itself further. The fact that LU has given itself eight weeks to build to Ultima Lucha is a good sign, because it leaves plenty of time to raise the stakes for the event.



Drago def. King Cuerno, Cage, and Hernandez to Earn a Title Shot at Ultima Lucha

Chavo and Blue Demon were not the only returns this week, as Drago returned from his exile. Drago jumped Cueto backstage and leveraged his way into the #1 Contender’s main event under the condition that the match would not only put his job on the line, but also his mask. Drago agreed, setting up his return as a conquering hero.


That left Drago in a match with Hernandez, Cage, and King Cuerno for a shot at Puma. Cuero and Cage utilized their alliance from time spent as tag team partners to clear Hernandez and Drago out of the ring early in the match. They continued to clear the ring as a sort of one-upsmanship toward each other. While Hernandez took control of Drago, Killshot appeared ominously in the shadows atop Cueto’s office.

All four wrestlers continued to string together huge spots in such quick succession that it was hard to follow at times. Of note were the mammoth suicide dive by Hernandez and moonsault onto the floor by Cage. The series of crazy spots continued until Drago blinded Cuerno with yellow mist. He used an armbar to pin Cuerno and earn a title shot at Ultima Lucha.


(As an aside, the introduction of Killshot has been simple and masterful. His time with Big Ryck and the Mack introduced him as a legitimate wrestler and this involvement transitions him seamlessly into a meaningful singles feud.)


Puma entered the ring and showed respect for Drago at the end of the show to dueling chants from the crowd. Drago came off as a major fan favorite, which begs the question of whether Puma’s recent heelish tendencies could yield more fruit. It’s more likely that Mil Muertes earns his way into the match by beating Drago in two weeks- an opportunity granted by Cueto when Catrina appeared in his office and choked him with his tie until he agreed.


The early returns on the build to Ultima Lucha were fantastic. As viewers, we can only hope that they continue to build at this pace for the next eight weeks.


Johnny Mundo to Challenge Prince Puma

Before Puma gets to Ultima Lucha, he will have to face Mundo in an exciting match that could be one of those distinguishing elements for LU. Cueto offered to leave his differences with Mundo in the past and give him a show-long Iron Man Match next week. When Puma and Mundo have worked before, they have been outstanding. Now that Mundo has unlocked a very compelling cocky heel character, the matchup should only get better.


The Disciples of Death def. Mascarita, Pimpinella, and Bengala

Catrina accompanied the nameless Disciples to the ring for their first match after they joined Mil Muertes against Fenix. The Disciples wore identical masks and tights, except for one in a black shirt- likely to cover some distinguishing tattoos.

Pimpinella and Bengala found some success early with their comedic offensive style. Mascarita did not have the same luck, as the Disciples tossed him around the ring and ultimately cornered him. Despite some additional high flying offense by the faces, the Disciples hit a triple-team flapjack slam on Pimpinella to get their first win.