Impact Review – A Double Jarrett Double Turn


8/26/15 – Andrew Berg – @Wrestle Rosters



Bobby Roode def. Mr. Anderson, James Storm, and Bobby Lashley in a King of the Mountain #1 Contender Match

While the TNA roster has been deeper at times in the past, there is still enough talent near the top of the card to put on interesting shows every week. The King of the Mountain Title #1 Contender match between Lashley, Anderson, Storm, and Roode was a perfect example of the top end of TNA talent and how they can create entertaining matches and angles.


Roode Storm teamed up briefly to tease a Beer Money callback with a double suplex on Anderson. Storm tried to turn on Roode, but Roode was ready for it and caught his superkick attempt. He hit a Roode Bomb to get the pin and earn a shot at PJ Black’s KOTM Title. Roode laid the groundwork for this challenge with his angry promos about being left out over the last few weeks. That helped this match feel meaningful and it’s good to see Roode back in a strong position.


Karen Jarrett Admitted Role in Assaults

When Drew Galloway confronted Jeff Jarrett and accused him of being behind the attacks on Galloway and Bully Ray, his wife explained that she was the one behind the attacks. Jeff vowed that he had nothing to do with the attacks and Karen backed him up, but insisted that it needed to be done for Jeff to have the role he deserves in both TNA and GFW. With Galloway turned toward Karen, Jeff kicked him low and the GFW roster jumped him. While the GFW invasion storyline has not been exciting so far, this nuance was at least enough of a deviation from the obvious script to create some drama. The real challenge remains to build enough personal stakes for fans to care about either TNA or GFW, and that has not happened yet.


Other Notes

-Matt Hardy made good on his promise to stay in EC3’s face and issued a challenge for the TNA Title. EC3 accepted the challenge under the stipulation that a win would mean Jeff Hardy has to be his personal assistant for 30 days. Assuming EC3 wins, that angle could be a good way to both use Jeff before his broken leg is fully healed and to prepare him for a title program upon his return.


-In one of the most bizarre moments in wrestling history, Eric Young faced Chris Melendez with his prosthetic leg on the line. Melendez put up a good fight, but Young ultimately got the pin while using the ropes for leverage. After the win, Young taunted the one-legged Melendez and held the leg high as a trophy.

-The Wolves took care of business in a Tag Title match against James Storm’s Revolution. Storm was not at ringside for the match, but appeared after the Wolves splashed Abyss and had Manik in deep trouble. Before Storm could interfere, Mahabali Shera intervened and kept him away from the ring. The Wolves hit their Powerbomb/Back-Cracker combination to get the win. The Wolves haven’t had a lot to do lately, so working them in on the fringes of the Revolution angle was a good way to get some TV time.


-DJ Z’s long string of X Division Title matches shows the lack of depth in the division. At least this one also included Sonjay Dutt as a challenger to Tigre Uno. Nonetheless, Uno strung together a German Suplex and a springboard frog splash to beat DJ Z.


-A week after Velvet Sky helped Gail Kim get revenge on Taryn Terrell, the Dollhouse found a way to raise the stakes. A title match between Velvet and Brooke was quickly side-tracked by interference from The Dollhouse. Velvet had Rebel in support against Marti Bell and Jade, but Rebel turned on her and revealed herself as a new member of the faction. Taryn appeared on a video and said that Velvet never should have become involved. This angle has been very well booked. Rebel’s membership in the group utilizes her in a way that doesn’t expose her wrestling limitations. More importantly, Taryn’s thirst for revenge in underhanded ways is a good way to get heat and sustain a compelling Knockouts feud without the title attached.