TNA Review – GFW Escalates TNA Invasion


9/2/15 – Andrew Berg – @WrestleRosters


EC3 def. Matt Hardy to Remain TNA Champion

Although Hardy seemed like a one-off challenger when he first tried to take EC3’s title about a month ago, the story has developed steadily and turned him into a sensible rival for the young champion. This match represented an escalation of their rivalry because Matt had to put his brother Jeff’s services for a month on the table to get the rematch.


Matt used Jeff’s servitude as motivation and came very close to winning the match multiple times. When EC3 missed a splash in the corner, Matt’s tornado DDT earned him a near fall. EC3 proceeded to duck a Twist of Fate and drop Hardy with a powerful clothesline. With the referee inadvertently pinned in the corner by EC3, he used a mule kick low blow to stun Matt and rolled him up for the pinfall victory.


Trevor Lee and Brian Myers def. The Wolves to Become TNA Tag Team Champions

For the GFW invasion angle to hold any water, there had to be some stakes and some real tension between the promotions. This tag team match was the first time I felt that tension in any of the matches or vignettes that have pitted TNA vs. GFW so far. The GFW invaders surrounded the ring and helped Lee and Myers (FKA Curt Hawkins) throughout the match.


When Eddie Edwards rolled through a pin into a Boston Crab and Davey Richards crabbed a Cloverleaf, Sonjay Dutt got on the apron to force them to break the holds. Dutt’s distraction allowed Myers to go for his scepter at ringside. Richards ducked the scepter, but the fracas gave Lee the opportunity to hit Edwards with a briefcase. The referee missed it and Lee got the pin to win the titles. It was the first real heat for GFW. The Wolves, meanwhile, are due for some sort of shakeup. I would sign off on a replay of the Edwards-Richards rivalry from ROH, or if they were used to help rejuvenate the moribund X Division.



Other Notes

-Jeff Jarrett announced that he intends to use his GFW roster to initiate a hostile corporate takeover of what is left of TNA. His promo didn’t make sense, nor did the “swerve” to make Karen the tip of the GFW spear the week before, especially with Jeff immediately joining her side. Dixie Carter compounded the illogical storytelling by challenging Jarrett to a winner-take-all TNA vs. GFW match. Why she would put her company on the line with nothing to gain is baffling. Either way, the success or failure of the invasion will take place in the ring and the matches started to work for the first time this week.


-To further the GFW invasion, Chris Mordetski faced Lashley in a match that put two of the most built wrestlers in the building against one another. Lashley missed a spear, but fought his way out of the Mordetski (Masers) Lock and executed a second spear. The GFW roster ran in to beat down Lashley before he could get the pin, but the result still did not make Mordetski feel like a viable threat for GFW.


-As if the two previous unclean finishes were not enough, Sonjay Dutt made another distraction during Bobby Roode’s match with PJ Black that allowed Black to escape the Crossface. Drew Galloway took out Dutt at ringside and Roode hit the Roode Bomb to win the King of the Mountain Title. As with Mordetski and Lashley, it surprised me that the TNA wrestler won so easily as GFW tries to establish itself as a legitimate rival.


-Angelina Love and Madison Rayne rescued Velvet Skye from The Dollhouse to reunite the Beautiful People. The three-vs-three Knockouts rivalry might seem too good to pass up, but weren’t Angelina Love and Velvet Sky mortal enemies just a few weeks ago?


-Inexplicably, TNA left a Bram vs. Kenny King match in the show just days after Bram arrested for domestic abuse. He beat King with the Brighter Side of Suffering, but it boggles my mind that TNA would not replace this match with some sort of taped interview.