2/12/15 Smackdown Review – Bryan and Reigns Survive Tag Team Turmoil

Daniel Bryan & Roman Reigns def. Kane & Big Show, The Ascension, SlaterGator, The Usos, and The Miz & Damien Mizdow in a tag team turmoil match

Kane and Big Show gave an awkward pep talk to all the tag teams backstage before the tag team turmoil match. Regardless of face/heel affiliation, the teams uniformly accepted and appreciated the coaching from Kane and Show. This segment didn’t really work at all.

Miz and Mizdow were the first to face Bryan and Reigns, with Mizdow hitting a backbreaker/neckbreaker combo on Bryan. Miz tagged in, but Bryan hit him with a running corner dropkick. Reigns tagged in blindly, hitting a Superman punch, but Bryan tagged himself back in and hit a running knee strike to polish off Miz.

The Usos entered next, and Bryan earned a near-fall on Jey with a schoolboy. Reigns asked Bryan to tag him in against his cousins, and Bryan obliged. Reigns planted both Usos with shoulder tackles, but Jimmy hit him with a diving headbutt.

Bryan asked Reigns to tag him back in, and Reigns eventually did so. Bryan went to work on Jimmy’s left leg, following up with a knee drop. Jimmy and Bryan exchanged chops and uppercuts, before Bryan hit Jimmy with a series of kicks. Bryan hit a running basement dropkick to Jimmy’s left knee.

Jimmy reached Jey, and The Usos exchanged quick tags to wear Bryan down. Reigns tagged back in and hit a suplex on Jimmy. Bryan tagged himself in, saying “You think that was a suplex? This is a suplex,” connecting with a half-nelson suplex.

Jimmy hit a stinkface, but Bryan conneccted with a clothesline and tagged in Reigns. Reigns hit a big boot for a near-fall, and Bryan tagged back in for a knee drop and an uppercut. The action spilled outside, and Bryan hit Jey with a series of kicks. Reigns stopped Bryan, and they argued over whether Jey was too hurt to continue.

Back in the ring, Bryan hit a dropkick and offered Reigns the chance to tag in, but Reigns said no. Bryan continued his assault on his partner’s cousin, but Jey fought back with a Samoan drop and a top-rope crossbody, forcing Reigns to make the save.

Jimmy and Reigns argued, before Jimmy planted Reigns with an enziguiri. Bryan knocked Jimmy onto the bottom rope, setting up Reigns’ rope-hung dropkick. Jey hit a dive to Reigns on the outside, which Bryan followed up with a dive of his own on Jey.

Jimmy set up for his own dive, but Reigns got back in the ring and hit a Superman punch. Jey knocked down Reigns with a superkick, following up with one to Bryan. Jey tried for a top-rope splash, but Bryan got his knees up and countered into a Yes Lock, forcing Jey to tap.

Reigns got into it with Bryan for holding the Yes Lock too long after Jey tapped, as Los Matadores entered. Diego hit  hurricanrana on Bryan, but Bryan put Diego into a surfboard. Diego went up top, but Bryan caught him and hit a half-nelson superplex, which he transitioned into another Yes Lock, forcing Diego to tap. (Poor Fernando never even got to tag in.)

SlaterGator made their entrance next, and Reigns tagged in, knocking Slater down with clotheslines. Reigns hit a flapjack on Slater, a Superman punch on Titus, and a spear on Slater. Goodnight, SlaterGator.

Next up, The Ascension. Konnor and Viktor teamed up on Bryan, and chaos broke out. The Ascension dumped Bryan into the timekeeper’s area, then beat down on Reigns, tossing him over the announce table. Konnor and Viktor got Bryan back in the ring and hit the Fall of Man, but the referee disqualified them…because…uh…well, I don’t know, to be perfectly honest.

At any rate, Big Show and Kane entered next. Reigns and Bryan exchanged tags to wear down Kane, but Kane fought back with a big boot on Bryan. Show followed up with a gorilla press slam, and Kane added a sidewalk slam for a near-fall.

Bryan hit a DDT on Big Show, before Big Show and Kane started arguing with each other. Kane tagged himself in, berating Show, but Bryan immediately locked in a Yes Lock, forcing Show to make the save. Show tagged back in and set up for a chokeslam, but Bryan countered into yet another Yes Lock.

This time, Kane broke up the submission and screamed at Show. Big Show hit Kane with a KO Punch, then ate a spear from Reigns. Bryan hit a running knee strike for the pinfall victory on Show. Bryan and Reigns ended the show staring up at the WrestleMania sign together.

Scott’s Thoughts: Now that is how you put together a fun episode of Smackdown. WWE’s “B-show” often suffers from disinterested booking, but this tag-team turmoil event was just what the doctor ordered. The rest of the card pretty much stunk, but this event took up half of the show’s runtime, and was well worth the watch.


Bray Wyatt def. R-Truth by pinfall

Wyatt’s unchanging deadpan expression while Truth rapped his way into the arena was the best part of this segment. Truth gained the early advantage, dumping Wyatt out of the ring and hitting a jawbreaker. Truth hit a spinning heel kick and a back elbow, followed by a corkscrew headbutt for a near-fall.

Truth tried for a scissor kick, which Wyatt dodged, but Truth hit another jawbreaker. Wyatt responded with a clothesline and Sister Abigail for the pinfall.

Scott’s Thoughts: This was weird, mostly because R-Truth landed about 75% of the offense. Not exactly a dominant performance from Wyatt.


Paige def. Summer Rae by submission

Paige hit her signature repeated knees to the gut, but Summer responded with a spinning heel kick for a near-fall. Paige hit several short-arm lariats, followed by a single-leg dropkick and a superkick. Paige finished Summer off with the PTO.

Scott’s Thoughts: The Bellas were on commentary, and I’d rather not talk about their embarrassing performance in that role. Paige vs. Summer probably would have been a decent match back in NXT, but not on Smackdown.


Fandango (w/Rosa Mendes) def. Adam Rose by pinfall

Rose hit a jawbreaker and a clothesline, following up with an uppercut. Rose used a suplex to earn a two-count, but Fandango responded with a side slam. Fandango hit clotheslines and a very nice scoopslam, finishing Rose off with the Last Dance diving leg drop.

Scott’s Thoughts: The heel vs heel dynamic in this ‘feud’ is so awkward, because fans have no idea who to cheer for. Aren’t there low-card faces these guys could be feuding with?