Lucha Underground Review – Title Changes Galore

­5/25/16 – Andrew Berg – @WrestleRosters


Jack Evans, PJ Black, and Johnny Mundo def. Rey Mysterio Jr, Prince Puma, and Dragon Azteca Jr to Become Trios Champions

Johnny Mundo jumped Fenix backstage to take his place alongside PJ Black and Jack Evans. Not only does this trio make more sense as a team, it lays the groundwork for a rivalry between Mundo and Fenix that could yield some tremendous matches.


In the ring, the match started with impressive acrobatics between Dragon and Evans. Black and Puma squared off next, with Black getting the upper-hand. Puma fought back to hit a neckbreaker on Black that also took out Evans and allowed him to reach Mysterio for a hot tag. Rey briefly went at it with Mundo, but gave way to Puma once again to do more of the heavy lifting.


Evans hit an amazing flipping Pele kick to Puma on the top rope. Puma took a hurricanrana and chained it into a rana of his own to Black in the ring. That set Mysterio up to deliver a 619 on Black. Puma followed with a 630 splash, and he was only saved by Mundo pulling the referee out of the ring. Mundo delivered a low blow to Mysterio outside of the ring and his teammates did the same to Puma and Azteca in the ring. They hit an assortment of finishers including Mundo’s End of the World, yet Puma managed to kick out at two.


Puma narrowly managed to reach Dragon, who countered Mundo’s powerbomb into a sunset flip powerbomb. The referee was distracted by Taya while Evans hit Dragon with a chair. The interference let Mundo get the pin and his team secured the win. The all-star luchador team had a fun run, but I think there are more rich storylines to come out of this cocky, heelish set of champions. It’s also interesting that Mundo and Cage secured their first LU titles on the same night after feuding for so much of this season.


Cage def. Chavo Guerrero to Become Gift of the Gods Champion

Cage and Chavo have put together a nice little story arc. Chavo stole Cage’s Aztec Medallion and entered the Gift of the Gods match in Cage’s place. Cage ambushed the field to ensure that Chavo would win the belt and then secured a singles match with him this week. He brought the same anger to their match and came after Chavo aggressively to begin.


Chavo tried to use some underhanded tactics, but Cage’s power was too much at every turn. He got a near fall off of a sit-out Alabama Slam. Chavo finally made some headway with a tornado DDT for a two count. Cage answered with a huge discus lariat that Chavo only survived by getting his foot on the bottom rope. Chavo recovered enough for a Frog Splash for a near fall. Cage rag dolled Chavo around the ring with several suplexes and finished him with a Lucha Destroyer piledriver. After an impressive run, Cage finally has his first LU gold. He announced that he would exchange his title for a LU Title shot against Matanza next week. Even if he loses, this run with Chavo has further legitimized Cage.


Other Notes

-Vampiro refused to allow Pentagon Jr to leave their training dojo, saying that he still has fear in his heart and he is not ready to face Matanza. Although LU often goes weeks without referring to some storylines, I enjoying keeping this one at the front of my mind because it makes Pentagon look like a star. If and when he finally climbs to the top of the LU mountain, it will tremendous.


-Joey Ryan won a comedy match over Mascarita Sagrada, who had Famous B in his corner. Later in the night, Mr. Cisco caught Cortez Castro and Ryan in Dario Cueto’s office. He threatened to turn them in to Dario, so Castro arrested him, thereby giving away his undercover status. It was the first real storyline advancement of the undercover storyline and it felt a little disappointing.