3/11/15 Best Wrestling of the Week – Orton, Patron, Dijak, and Riley

Wrestler of the Week – Randy Orton

It took three weeks longer than anyone expected, but when Orton finally blew up and turned on Seth Rollins, the result was the kind of beating that can be the foundation of an excellent feud. Orton somehow convinced the gullible Rollins that he was aligned with The Authority, even as he explicitly outlined how he intended to turn on Rollins. He waited until the rest of The Authority was away from the ring to abandon Rollins during their handicap match against Roman Reigns (signified by a one-finger salute). The fear and shock that Rollins showed in response foretold an epic beating that took Rollins around the ring and through the crowd. It ended with a big RKO through the announce table that will be the centerpiece of highlight packages from now through Wrestlemania. Rollins and Orton are great adversaries for one another. So far, it looks like they are the odds-on favorites to have the best singles match at Wretlemania.


Match of the Week – Texano Jr. def. Alberto El Patron by DQ


The main event feud from AAA came to Lucha Underground last week and main evented the show. Texano and El Patron have feuded over the AAA Title since El Patron returned to the company and claimed it on his first night last year. When El Patron debuted in Lucha Underground, Texano interrupted him to set up this grudge match. Bigger than most luchadors, they had more of a hard-hitting, suplex-based match that sprinkled in the occasional tope or enzuigiri. Texano avoided the Cross-Armbreaker and hit a sit-down powerbomb for a two count. He became frustrated and went for his bull rope to maim El Patron. Before he could hit him, El Patron stole the bull rope from him and whipped him repeatedly.


Quote of the Week – JBL

“If this match goes for 42 days, I think that gives Axel the advantage,” JBL’s explanation of the true meaning of #Axelmania.


Must See Wrestling

  1. Donovan Dijak is ROH’s Top Prospect

After two impressive-yet-short matches in the 2015 Top Prospect Tournament, Dijak got a chance to have more of a match against Will Ferrera. They put on a classic big vs. small type of match that saw Dijak eventually overcome the plucky challenger with the excellent Feast Your Eyes finisher. Dijak was thrust immediately into a storyline in which four different managers or factions all started to vie for his services. Combined with an impending TV Title shot, the future looks bright for Dijak. To hear more about the tournament, check out our interview with Dijak on this week’s Going Over podcast.


  1. Alex Riley is Reborn

The infusion of veterans in NXT is more than a coincidence. After Rhino and The Brian Kendrick returned for more than one-off matches, Riley crept up to the edge of joining them. He demanded a match against Kevin Owens, who attacked him a week before, but William Regal told him he had to choose between his announcing gig and a return to the ring. Riley found the decision extremely difficult, which created some intrigue for the character. The decision was made easier when Owens jumped him again. Although Riley never broke through as a main roster star, he has the name recognition and enough skill to make this program very fun.


  1. Intercontinental Title Dominates WWE TV

The Ladder Match scheduled at Wrestlemania for the Intercontinental Title has become the most entertaining element of every WWE TV show for the past few weeks. While many of the veterans in the main matches talk to each other or otherwise keep their bodies ready for the big show, the Intercontinental Title challengers have worked early and often. With many of the best in-ring technicians in the company concentrated here, the match and the build are on a high level. For those who always want to see the WWE do something in the mid-card, this is the best case scenario.

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