3/14/15 ROH Review – Tag Teams Elevate before Supercard

The Kingdom def. The Young Bucks

The Bucks remained busy on their most recent North American tour with another headlining ROH match. They worked a babyface style in this one that fits their goofball style a bit better than their usual heel persona. With a couple of minutes left in the match, it was excellent. Unfortunately, ROH fell into the same overbooking trap that marred the 13th Anniversary Show.


Early in the match, Michael Bennett and Matt Taven tried to slow the match to prevent the aerial attack of the Bucks. Matt and Nick Jackson used double team moves to gain the advantage and they hit a tope con giro and a moonsault onto the floor. Maria Kanellis interfered to allow Bennett to hit a spinebuster. They stayed in control as Bennett pulled Matt off of the apron to prevent a hot tag. Taven went for a frog splash, but Nate got his knees up to block it.


Another distraction from Maria allowed Bennett to hit a Twist of Fate and Taven to hit a Swanton for a near fall. A pair of superkicks and a double splash led to a Bucks near fall. Bennett’s spear missed the Bucks and hit Taven, but he was able to recover to save Bennett from a double superkick. A flurry of near fnishers gave way to an Indytaker. The Bucks could not compromise, though, as the KRD pulled the referee out of the ring. Bennett used the opportunity to hit a low blow, which set up a spike piledriver for the win.


A bit of interference or deviation from traditional wrestling is fine. The problem here was that there were too many elements that interrupted the suspension of disbelief. The Bucks already work a style that looks very little like combat. On top of that, the KRD run-in with the Kingdom low blow on top of it at the finish turned the match into a circus.



The Addiction def. ACH and Matt Sydal

The veteran team of Kazarian and Christopher Daniels used a variety of double teams to dominate the start of the match. Daniels hit a couple varieties of moonsaults. ACH finally reached Sydal for a tag and he hit a standing shooting star for a two count. The comeback was short lived due to a nice flatliner by Daniels. ACH swung the match back toward his team with his modified tope con giro. At the same time, Sydal set up for the shooting star press, but the KRD ran to ringside and took out Sydal with a chair. Neither member of The Addiction saw the interference and they took advantage with a double team facebuster finisher. The interference in this match was less problematic because it was the only distraction in a strong match.



Jay Briscoe Fills his Schedule

Briscoe came to the ring to crow about his fourway victory at the 13th Anniversary Show. Samoa Joe quickly came to the ring to challenge him for a title match at Supercard of Honor. Joe is so well-established that he can slot into the main event for the short turnaround between the Anniversary Show and Supercard. Obviously, nearly any fan will look forward to the match with no narrative whatsoever.


Jimmy Jacobs followed Briscoe and Joe with a second consecutive promo that is atypical for ROH. He put a babyface twist on The Decade’s mission statement and said that while Joe has done a lot in wrestling, Jacobs has done more in ROH to earn a title shot. As a result, he got a chance at Briscoe on what is shaping up to be a very full episode of ROH TV next week. Between that match and Donovan Dijak’s chance at Jay Lethal’s TV Title, it is one of the more compelling episodes of the year.