3/25/15 Best Wrestling of the Week- Angle, Lesnar, Sting, Wrestlemania

Wrestler of the Week – Kurt Angle

When Angle announced his return to a full time wrestling schedule earlier this year, I did not expect to see him in this slot. As talented as he is as a technical wrestler, he seemed like an odd fit with a TNA roster that was trending toward youth. While it is fair to question the overriding narrative of Angle’s ascent to the TNA Title, the execution of his title win on last week’s Impact was spot-on. He dug deep for a very entertaining match with Lashley and the show’s production successfully made the match feel like an important and rare encounter. Angle no longer has youth on his side, but even if this title reign serves as his career’s victory lap, it is a worthwhile enterprise.


Match of the Week – Fenix def. Mil Muertes


Week after week, Lucha Underground turns in the very best wrestling matches on television. The storyline between Fenix and Mil Muertes has been highly confusing for most of its existence. Catrina has seemingly abandoned the heel Mil Muertes and aligned herself with the babyface Fenix. That would seemingly make Fenix a heel, but he has not been portrayed that way. In spite of the confusion, Fenix and Mil Muertes wrestled a brutal and captivating casket match last week, proving that it’s possible to have an entertaining casket match. Mil Muertes used a turnbuckle crank to rip Fenix’s mas and face apart. He repeatedly teased that Fenix was going to fall from the stage in the Lucha Underground Temple. Instead, Fenix dug deep and managed to overcome the severe punishment to pull out a difficult victory.


Quote of the Week – Paul Heyman

“This is not a man. This is a beast and a conquerer who will kick down you door, take your wife, and take the food off your children’s plates,” the last in a long line of brilliant Wrestlemania promos by Heyman.


Must See Wrestling

  1. Brock Lesnar Re-Ups with WWE


Lesnar appeared on ESPN to announce that his UFC career is finished and he will return to WWE for a multi-year contract. The announcement completed a year of speculation of Lesnar’s WWE future that came into stark focus when he became champion. With the knowledge that Lesnar will not leave after Wrestlemania, a variety of new main event possibilities are on the table, from a Lesnar face turn to a new program with Seth Rollins. Most importantly, the once-moribund main event is now as thrilling as ever.


  1. Sting Speaks

For the first time on Raw, Sting opened the show with a promo in which he addressed HHH. Both Sting’s initial silence and his eventual loquaciousness have worked in this program. The silence restored the mystique around the character that eroded in TNA. His decision to open his mouth helps to explain why he and HHH are at odds now. The feeling that Sting does not want to let HHH’s ego ruin WWE is a believable and engaging story.


  1. It’s Wrestlemania Week!

Wrestling fans wait twelve months for the biggest show of the year. It’s easy to get bogged down in fantasy booking, dirt sheet rumors, and what-if scenarios. The week of Wrestlemania is the one time we can truly throw all of that out the window and simply experience the biggest show as true fans. My suggestion for this weekend- do not worry about what could have been or even the Wrestlemania booking decisions- just enjoy the action and we can all go back to our smarky ways when we chant for Fandango on Monday.