3/8/15 ROH Review – Dijak Reigns as Top Prospect

Donovan Dijak def. Will Ferrara to Win the ROH Top Prospect Tournament

When Dijak appeared on our Going Over podcast a few weeks ago, he had just won his Top Prospect semifinal match. To get to that point, he had to beat a couple of smaller opponents, but the size disparity was never bigger than in this match. Nonetheless, Ferrara stood up to Dijak from the start and did not let his stature get in his way.

After a series of blocks and counters by both wrestlers, Dijak went with a big boot to put Ferrara down. With a mule kick and a big Irish whip into the corner, Dijak remained in control as Brutal Bob Evans, Veda Scott, Stokely Hathaway, Truth Martini, and The Decade made their way to ringside to see the prospects up close.

Ferrara tried to change the momentum, but Dijak caught him with an overhead belly-to-belly and a splash in the corner. Ferrara finally got on track with a tornado DDT that made the fans react to the false finish. Ferrara could not get Dijak over for a sunset flip powerbomb off the apron and Dijak responded with a crazy springboard moonsault. He tried for Feast Your Eyes, but Ferrara fought out and responded with his Sonic Boom for a two count.

Dijak made it to his feet and recovered to hit Feast Your Eyes. It put Ferrara down for the three count and earned Dijak the Top Prospect win. The managers at ringside converged on Dijak, but he left on his own.

With more time for the match, Dijak was able to work his best ROH match so far. Not only did he show new ways to use the tremendous athleticism at his size, he and Ferrara put together a compelling match that built to an exciting finish.


Redragon def. The Decade to Retain the ROH Tag Team Titles

BJ Whitmer teamed with Adam Page to represent The Decade against the Champions and a brawl broke out before the opening brawl. Kyle O’Reilly started the match against Page and immediately went to work on Page’s arm. Bobby Fish came into the match and continued with that strategy.

The attack continued until Whitmer got O’Reilly caught in the ring skirt and The Decade were able to double team him while he was trapped. Page bridged O’Reilly on a suplex and got a two count for the first near fall of the match. When Fish tagged in, he quickly turned the tide and managed a two count on Page after a Falcon Arrow. Redragon continued to dominate until Whitmer pulled Fish out of the ring to prevent Chasing the Dragon and Page hit O’Reily with a neckbreaker and a lariat.

With O’Reilly and Page isolated in the ring, Page went for a standing Shooting Star, but O’Reilly countered with a triangle choke. As Page tried to turn it into a pin, O’Reilly switched to the Armageddon and made Page submit. After the bell, the hatred between Whitmer and Steve Corino boiled over as Whitmer dumped water on the commentator. Corino calmed himself, but it definitely hinted at a possible return to the ring for Corino.


Jay Lethal and J Diesel def. The Addiction

The Addiction showed their versatility and worked a very deliberate style early in the match as Kazarian took on Diesel. Lethal tagged in, demanded to face the “old man” Christopher Daniels, and picked up the pace considerably. Daniels hit a plancha to the floor on Diesel, but Lethal kept the advantage as he hurled Lethal into the railing.

Daniels took a beating from Lethal until he side-stepped a suicide dive and managed to reach Kazarian for the hot tag. Kazarian took out both opponents and Truth Martini. He hit Lethal with a cutter and put Diesel in a submission hold while he was not the legal man. Diesel recovered to hit a fallaway slam on Daniels to set up Lethal’s elbow drop. Daniels was able to respond with a side slam, but one of the KRD came into the ring to distract him. Lethal rolled Daniels up with a schoolboy after the distraction and got the win.

I hated how the KRD was handled at the 13th Anniversary Show. The implication that they are made up of the members of The Kingdom is an uninspired storyline. This match felt like a partial reset of that story and it was a step in the right direction.

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