NXT Review – Women’s Triple Threat Steals Show from Owens/Riley Rematch


Kevin Owens def. Alex Riley by pinfall

Owens gave a backstage promo in which he gave Riley credit for putting up more of a fight than he expected last time. Still, Owens said that there’s a good reason he’s the champ and Riley isn’t — he’s simply a better wrestler. Owens said that he would send Riley back to the announce table where he belongs.

The early portion of the match revolved around Riley’s refusal to stand down. Riley hit a very impressive dropkick that sent Owens from the ring, but when he followed Owens outside, Owens slammed him onto the entrance ramp. Back in the ring, Owens hit a running senton for a near-fall.

Riley fought back with a clothesline and a spinning neckbreaker, before climbing up top. Owens caught him, knocking him back down to the mat. Owens hit a cannonball into the corner, following up with a pop-up powerbomb for the three-count.

After the match, Owens dumped Riley from the ring, and set up for another powerbomb. Sami Zayn made the save, and he unleashed a furious series of strikes on Owens. The two were eventually separated by about 15 men, but Zayn refused to quit, hitting a top-rope somersault plancha onto Owens.

Scott’s Thoughts: Another very good match between Owens and Riley. I’ll be interested to see where NXT goes with Riley now that his feud with Owens is pretty clearly over. As for Owens, it seems like the time for his rematch with Zayn is right around the corner. Any fan of wrestling has to be excited for that.


Becky Lynch def. Bayley and Charlotte in a triple threat to determine the #1 Contender for the NXT Women’s Championship

Corey Graves’ hilarious hatred for Becky continued: “I was on a flight to Portland, reading my Twitter. She called me a hipster. I almost spilled my craft beer all over myself.” Once the match got underway, Charlotte hit several knee drops on Becky, and Bayley dumped Becky from the ring.

Charlotte locked Bayley in a figure-four headlock, slamming Bayley repeatedly to the mat. Becky got back in the ring, teaming briefly with Bayley, who hit a big boot on Charlotte to transition into a fisherman’s suplex from Becky. Becky set her sights on Bayley, connecting with two sharp leg drops for a near-fall.

Bayley caught Becky in a drop toehold, unloading with strikes to the head. Becky responded by transitioning a pinning maneuver into a leg-lock submission, only for Charlotte to hit her with Natural Selection. Bayley broke up the pinfall, but Charlotte took her up top.

Becky knocked Charlotte back into the ring, climbing the turnbuckle. Bayley blocked her attempts at a superplex, and Charlotte set Becky up for a powerbomb. Instead of the predictable Tower of Doom spot, Charlotte held Becky up, giving time for Bayley to hit a flying elbow that Charlotte transitioned into a powerbomb. What a cool spot. Almost like an inverted Doomsday Device. Clever stuff.

Bayley hit Charlotte with a pumphandle suplex, then quickly planted Becky with a Bayley-to-Belly. Charlotte broke up the pin, locking Bayley in a figure-four. Bayley managed to reach the ropes, but as Graves accurately pointed out, there is no ropebreak in a triple threat match.

Charlotte bridge the figure four into a handstand. Just as Bayley was about to tap out, a nearly incapacitated Becky draped her arm over Bayley and the referee counted the pinfall.

Scott’s Thoughts: What an absolute show-stealer of a match. There were so many clever spots, so much engaging ring psychology, and a truly unique finish. You just cannot ask for more than that from a wrestling match. Sasha vs. Becky should be fabulous.


Finn Balor def. Tye Dillinger by pinfall

Finn dominated the earlygoings with mat-based attacks, then knocked Dillinger down with a dropkick. The two exchanged chops, then Finn hit two clotheslines and a Pele Kick. Finn followed up with a Sling Blade and a dropkick into the corner, then hit Coup de Grace to finish Dillinger off.

After the match, Tyler Breeze appeared on the Titantron, saying that Finn is nothing more than the flavor of the month. Breeze said it was time for Breeze to meet someone truly dominant.

Scott’s Thoughts: Even in squash matches, Finn is pretty captivating. His charisma does not have an off switch. Finn’s upcoming feud with Breeze should be an absolute blast.


Hideo Itami def. CJ Parker by pinfall

Parker was surprisingly dominant early, hitting a delayed vertical suplex for a two-count. Hideo responded with a single-leg dropkick, two clotheslines, a legsweep and a series of strikes. Hideo hit a corner dropkick, then landed another single-leg dropkick for the pinfall.

Scott’s Thoughts: Meh. Parker was more competitive than expected, but this still wasn’t anything particularly noteworthy.


Rhyno def. a local wrestler by pinfall

Rhyno hit a stiff clothesline and a belly-to-belly suplex, then connected with a Gore for the pure squash victory.

Scott’s Thoughts: I’m not usually a fan of squash matches in almost any circumstance, but in this case it was a nice, quick reminder that Rhyno is a force to be reckoned with in NXT.


– Dana Brooke cut a very poor backstage promo, in which she said that NXT is her playground and that playtime is over. Uh…if NXT is her playground, shouldn’t she want playtime to continue? Wouldn’t that be a good thing? Whatever.