4/24/15 Impact Review – New-Look Taryn Owns Night of Knockouts


Taryn Terrell def. Awesome Kong in a No DQ Match to Remain Knockouts Champion

It seemed like a bad sign when the first of two advertised title matches started with 18 minutes left in Impact. Yet it was the World Title match that got short shrift while the Knockouts Title match had some real storyline to it.


Before the opening bell, Taryn asked Kong to agree to a No DQ stipulation in furtherance of her defiant attitude toward her more dominant adversary. Kong had more luck with the stipulation early as she hit Taryn with Kendo sticks and swung her into the guard rail. Taryn fought back when Kong missed a big splash and hit a dropkick and cross-body to gain the advantage.


When Taryn moved to set up a table, Jade and Marti of the Dollhouse appeared on the ramp. Earlier in the show, the two debuted in a match-turned-beatdown on Laura “Cherry Bomb” Dennis. After the disqualification, they attacked Christy Hemme and left a jawbreaker in her mouth.


With the Dollhouse looking on, Kong smashed Taryn’s head into the table and set up for a splash. Jade and Marti jumped on the apron and hit Kong with a series of Kendo stick shots. Taryn made it to her feet and they worked together for a triple powerbomb on Kong through the table to give Taryn the win.

As Kong laid in the wreckage of the table and the Dollhouse danced childishly around their leader, Josh Matthews defied logic and proclaimed that, “now it all makes sense.” Nonetheless, Taryn’s blonde bombshell character had grown stagnant and she seemed more comfortable as a calculating heel at the end of this show. The storyline is also a way to establish Jade (Mia Yim on the indies) in a prominent role off the bat. Had it not been for the plethora of other unclean finishes on Impact, I would have liked this outcome a great deal.


Eric Young Tallies Two More Character Turns

Young was slated for a title match against Kurt Angle and promised Angle that he was back on track after his diversion into a more psychotic persona. Austin Aries interrupted the proceedings and jumped Young in the title shot line with his Feast or Fired briefcase. Young appeared to take the news well, but when the main event was ready to start, he jumped Aries. He smacked Aries with his own briefcase and hit him with a pair of piledrivers, the second onto the ring steps. Young’s schizophrenia has reached Kane-levels and it’s not doing him or his rivals any favors.


Other Notes

-The other major Knockouts match saw Brooke gain the #1 Contender spot with a win over Gail Kim, Angelina Love, and Madison Rayne. They used the fourway stipulation well, such as when they lined up three simultaneous submission holds. A series of finishers ended with an atomic drop facebuster by Brooke on Madison that put her in the front of the line to challenge the heelish Taryn.


-My favorite segment of the show saw EC3 formally announce his candidacy to be the next World Champion and promised that his reign would reduce “unmotivated children and lazy millenials by 67%.” I didn’t need the interruption and fight from Mr. Anderson at the end, but I think it’s high time for EC3 to set his sights on the title.


-Kenny King jumped Micah before their match began and the Beat Down Clan helped him throughout. Nonetheless, Micah got the win off of a sloppy catch Samoan Drop. The obvious brawl between the BDC and the Rising followed, with the BDC using a lead pipe to get the upper hand. Once again, the Rising’s “stand up for wrestling” statement would resonate more if TNA backed the thought. There was not a single match or segment on this episode that did not end in a run-in, swerve, interference, or interruption.


-James Storm abandoned his cult leader persona to talk Mickie James out of retirement. He used pressure from the fans to get her to agree, which seems like a set-up for Storm to turn on Magnus. The idea would make more sense if Storm’s motivation was explained.


-Manik and Davey Richards had a very solid match that Richards won with a running kick to the side of Manik’s head. It could have ended there, but the Revolution and the Hardys came to the ring to end yet another segment in a brawl.