ROH Review – The Addiction Turns to Win Tag Team Titles


The Addiction def. Redragon to Become ROH Tag Team Champions

The title match started relatively slowly as The Addiction used double team maneuvers and Redragon focused on wearing down their opponents’ arms to set up for Kyle O’Reilly’s cross-armbreaker. Christopher Daniels mounted a rally that allowed his team to isolate Bobby Fish in their corner.


The first big spot came when Kazarian put Daniels in an arm submission, O’Reilly ran in and applied his own cross-armbreaker to Kazarian, and Daniels hot a moonsault to break up the whole chain. Shortly after, O’Reilly put Daniels in the cross-armbreaker and refused to break it when Kazarian repeatedly stomped him. O’Reilly and Fish then teamed up for a combination DDT-fallaway slam move that got a two count on Daniels.


Daniels recovered while Redragon started to celebrate prematurely. He ran through both opponents and Kazarian hit a cutter for a two count on O’Reilly. The Addiction teamed up for several more big moves until O’Reilly and Daniels collided with a double clothesline to leave everyone laid out on the mat.


Fish hit a crazy somersault to the floor. While the referee tended to him on the floor, one of the KRD entered the ring and inadvertently superkicked O’Reilly. The Addiction hit Celebrity Rehab on O’Reilly to get the pin and become tag team champions.


After the finish, Fish threw the KRD member in the ring and unmasked him to reveal Chris Sabin. The previously respectful Addiction then turned on Redragon and hit them with their newly-won title belts. O’Reilly was busted open so badly that his face was blurred out on TV. The Addiction held up the KRD masks to reveal that they were aligned with Sabin all along. While the KRD story misfired early, this was an interesting payoff to it that got the fans wildly behind Redragon and brings a major star into the fold.


The ROH tag team division suddenly looks exceptionally deep. Even if O’Reilly transitions to more singles matches in the near future, the return of War Machine strengthens the division. With the Kingdom in possession of the IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Titles, they have more legitimacy than ever. If Rocky Romero and Baretta wrestle regularly in the U.S., it could help create a golden era for ROH tag teams.


BJ Whitmer def. Moose, Caprice Coleman, and Will Ferrara

The early part of the match revolved around Moose’s more aggressive attitude toward former friend Ferrara. As the match developed, Whitmer controlled the action for a stretch, as did Coleman. After a springboard moonsault to the floor by Coleman, Moose delivered an impressive tope con giro. The wrestlers exchanged big moves in the ring until Moose nailed a pop-up lariat and a spear on Coleman. Whitmer blindly tagged himself in and vulture the pin to get the victory.


Adam Page def. ACH

After the four-way match, Whitmer talked trash about Moose and Adam Page insulted ACH. Page said that ACH did not deserve the opportunities he received against Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, and Alberto El Patron. To drive home the point, he tried to burn an ACH shirt, but ACH interrupted him and drove both Decade members from the ring. Page returned to brawl with ACH after the latter’s fiery promo and an impromptu match broke out.


ACH controlled the start of the match, but when he climbed to the top rope for a 450 Splash, Whitmer distracted him and spit in his face. Page took advantage with an inverted piledriver to get the cheap win. Although Whitmer-Moose doesn’t have much upside, Page-ACH is a good challenge between two upcoming wrestlers. The winner of the feud could go on to something special.