Best Wrestling of the Week – Neville, New Day, King Barrett, Sabin


Wrestler of the Week – Neville

Nobody has been busier since his debut the night after Wrestlemania than Neville. He continued to take advantage of the busy schedule this week with a handful of matches that were entertaining across the board. He beat Bad News Barrett in the Extreme Rules pre-show, a match that was supposed to belong to Daniel Bryan until injuries ruled him out of the show. He went on to beat Luke Harper and Sheamus in the first two rounds of the King of the Ring Tournament before he eventually lost a rematch with Barrett in the finals. The time after Wrestlemania is notoriously the time of year when WWE gives opportunities to young wrestlers. Nobody has taken advantage of those opportunities quite like Neville in a long time.


Match of the Week – New Day def. Tyson Kidd and Cesaro to Become WWE Tag Team Champions

Speaking of those who took advantage of opportunities presented by Daniel Bryan’s injury- the tag team title match went from a pre-show afterthought to a show-stealer. It was not so much that Big E, Kofi Kingston, Kidd, or Cesaro did any individual moves that we’ll remember for ages, but there was lots of attention to detail. The New Day members lived in their confused, indignant personas and brought them into the ring. Cesaro and Kidd wrestled like babyfaces, which was totally different from anything we have seen from them before. Most importantly, the pacing of the match built from a tense beginning to a hectic finish to get everyone’s blood pumping.


Quote of the Week – Bo Dallas

“You might be the big guy, but tonight I’m going to be the bigger man,” Bo’s way of giving Ryback a chance to apologize for a Shell-Shocking at Extreme Rules.


Must See Wrestling

  1. Chris Sabin Shakes Up ROH

Sabin aided Kazarian and Christopher Daniels in their big Tag Team Title win over Redragon, revealing the group to be the masterminds behind the KRD storyline in the process. Sabin has the experience to vault into the main event picture off the bat, but it appears to me that ROH might focus on their suddenly very deep tag team division instead. In addition to these two teams, the Kingdom, War Machine, the Young Bucks, Rapongi Vice, and several others all have what it takes to main event a show.


  1. Lucha Underground Turns the Card Upside Down

Son of Havok, Angelico, and Ivelisse were the jobbers of LU during its first months on TV. Miraculously, LU not only made them both competitive and interesting throughout the tournament to crown Trios Champions. They pulled out an upset win in the finals over Texano, Cage, & King Cuerno and Big Ryck, The Mack, and Killshot. Immediately after the win, they overcame a challenge from The Crew. Angelico’s death-defying splash from the LU stage will go down as the most impressive image, but they did some masterful storytelling throughout this episode, as well.


  1. Reign of King Bad News Begins

Barrett notched wins over Dolph Ziggler, R-Truth, and the aforementioned Neville to become the first British monarch of the WWE since William Regal. With five Intercontinental Title reigns under his belt, this accomplishment could be just another empty honor if it stands on its own and Barrett goes back to his losing ways. Barrett seemingly has all of the qualities of a main event wrestler. The only way for WWE to see if he can excel in that role now is to try him in it.