TNA Impact Review – EY Gets a Win


Eric Young def. Kurt Angle in a Non-Title Stretcher Match

Every time Young does something to make himself less deserving of a title match, he gets closer to another title shot. When he lost match after match against Bobby Roode, he found himself in a Triple Threat Title match with Angley and Bobby Lashley. When he lost that match, he got a singles rematch against Angle. Naturally, when he refused to allow Austin Aries to challenge for the title with the Feast or Fired contract by attacking him, he got a stretcher match against the champion.

At least in this match, there was some effort to rebuild Young into a viable challenger to Angle. He wrestled an angry, dominant style. He hit a pair of piledrivers on Angle, which is a particularly effective finisher given Angle’s past neck problems. He dragged the motionless Angle out of the ring and strapped him to a stretcher to win the match. It was the first effective booking of Young in months and the kind of night he should have had before he became a World Title challenger.


Drew Galloway def. Low Ki

It seemed that Vince Russo was on speed dial for the “Pipe on a Pole” match between Low Ki and Drew Galloway. Nonetheless, it’s good to see Galloway in action since he has spent so much of his time in TNA talking or doing run-ins. After Galloway retrieved the pole, both wrestlers missed big shots with it. Instead, Galloway hit a Future Shock DDT on a chair to pin Low Ki.

It’s odd that the pipe for which the match was named did not factor in the action. It’s also odd that the chair shot was legal even though it was not included in the stipulation. The strangest part of all was the fact that Galloway remains bogged down in gimmick matches, run-ins, and talking segments in spite of his “stand up for wrestling” catchphrase.


Taryn Terrell def. Brooke to Remain Knockouts Champion

Taryn’s new attitude and her Dollhouse compatriots were on display in her first title defense since her heel turn. Brooke wrestled a pure babyface style and even hit an impressive cross-body from the turnbuckle to the entire Dollhouse on the floor. She hit a flapjack back in the ring. She went to the top rope again, where Jade threw her to the mat while Marti Bell distracted the referee.

Taryn hit a cutter and picked up the pin. A few cheap wins are a good way to establish a heel champion, but her next challenger immediately emerged. Gail Kim interrupted her post-match promo. Taryn said that it is time for Gail to live in her shadow for a change because she has teammates to support her. Gail responded that she’s not alone and revealed Awesome Kong as her new ally. As much as I like the strange bedfellows concept, I think it should have developed more slowly before the old rivals aligned against a common enemy.


Other Notes

-Mr. Anderson launched a counter campaign to EC3’s campaign to be the next TNA World Champion. His campaign centered on becoming the wrestler to beat EC3’s undefeated streak and he suggested that the fans vote on a stipulation for a match between them on May 8th. EC3’s facial expression in the segment were so heelish and humorous at the same time that they carried an otherwise bland exchange.


-Davey Richards teamed with the Hardys against the Revolution. Abyss set up to splash Jeff with a chair on his chest, but Jeff held up the chair to hit Abyss in the groin. Matt added a Twist of fate and Jeff finished it with a Swanton to get the win. While I don’t see much value in a devalued Revolution, I’m glad that Richards has not been forgotten with his partner injured.


-Kenny King went to great lengths to make his X Division Title ladder match with Rockstar Spud, Mandrews, and Tigre Uno look believable. With Homicide helping him, King got the win and the belt. This assortment of wrestlers shows how far the once-mighty X Division has fallen.


-James Storm strongly implied an ongoing affair with Mickie James to her husband, Magnus. It’s not clear to me how Storm got from his cult leader character to encouraging Mickie to wrestle one more match to claiming that he is sleeping with her. This storyline is nonsense.