Impact Review: Eric Young Refuses to Leave Main Event


Eric Young Piles Up Cheap Heat

The long tail on TNA’s disastrous Lockdown event continued to wreak havoc far down the line. Josh Matthews had to remind viewers early in the show about the main event four-on-four match despite MVP’s explicit declaration that the nonsensical storyline was to be excluded from the TNA canon. On this night, Angle recruited Chris Melendez and The Rising to team with him against Eric Young and the Beat Down Clan. As the BDC came to the ring to start a brawl, Lashley ran to the ring to save Angle’s team and announce his allegiance to the group in the main event.

The main event was a bit of a cluster until Angle hit a cross body from the ring onto almost all of the wrestlers on the floor. The move took out everyone except Melendez and Eric Young. Melendez put together a few offensive moves until Young hit a piledriver to get the pin. Young did not stop there- he knocked out the referee, removed Melendez’s prosthetic leg, and attacked Angle with it.

It seemed that the nonsense rivalry between Young and Angle ended last week when Angle made Young tap out. The fact that TNA had to resort to this remarkably cheap tactic to get heat back on Young is a strong indication that they would have been better off moving away from Young at the top of the card.


The Wolves def. The Dirty Heels

As we discussed on the most recent episode of the Going Over Podcast (non-WWE edition), the TNA Tag Team division has been simultaneously bizarre and highly entertaining. The perpetual series of injuries has led to a carousel of champions that is almost impossible to track. Nonetheless, the week-to-week matches have remained very good. This week was no exception, as the first match in the best-of-five series between the Wolves and Austin Aries and Bobby Roode indicated more good things to come.

Davey Richards cut off an attempt at a discus forearm by Aries with a huge kick. The Wolves double-teamed Aries, but Roode pulled Eddie Edwards to the floor and Aries hit a suicide dive to both opponents. He followed it with a missile dropkick, but Richards rolled through with a sunset flip on Aries to get a sudden pin to go up 1-0 in the series.


The Dollhouse Owns the Knockouts Division

The Dollhouse teamed up against Brooke and Rebel in one of their first opportunities to wrestle a real match. Brooke did most of the heavy lifting for her team and Rebel missed a leg drop on Jade when she tagged in. Jade and Marti Bell hit a pair of double chokeslams on both opponents to allow Jade to pin Rebel. It was solid booking- it made The Dolhouse look very dangerous in its ability to protect Taryn Terrell’s title, but the result also protected Brooke enough to maintain her status as a viable challenger.

Later in the night, Gail Kim challenged Taryn to a title match with The Dollhouse behind her. Taryn said that Gail does not measure up to her, and that everyone knows it, including her husband. That insult pushed Gail over the edge and she took out all three Dollhouse members. Taryn has become much more effective as a heel than I ever anticipated. My only concern is that it would be easy for her to become more of a sex object (basically dressed in thigh highs, a thong, and a bra this week) than a heelish wrestler.


Other Notes

-The momentum behind EC3 got even more powerful as Josh Matthews started to become a sympathetic shill for EC3 on commentary. Tyrus had initial success against Mr. Anderson with EC3 helping at ringside until the referee banished him. Anderson played possum and hit the Mic Check to beat Tyrus to set up a rematch with EC3 next week.

-Robbie E beat Jesse Godderz three times in quick succession, which enraged Godderz to the point that he lashed out at his old tag team partner. I suppose that it’s worth it for TNA to see what it has in Godderz, but he’s not going to get very far if fans are supposed to hate him for attacking Robbie E.

-Magnus took on Abyss with a variety of weapons as an extension of his rivalry with James Storm. He had some initial success against Abyss until Manik and Khoya teamed up on Magnus and laid him out. The confusion over the angle between Storm and Mickie James was not made any clearer with the introduction of several other wrestlers.