Lucha Underground Review – Pentagon Jr. Makes Sexy Star Submit


Pentagon Jr. def. Sexy Star in a Submission Match

Sexy Star has never been one of the bright spots in LU in my opinion. Her character is too one dimensional as a bland superhero and her work has not particularly impressed me. Partially due to the lack of subtlety in her character, the pairing with the intense and villainous Pentagon Jr. has felt very bizarre at times. Luckily, the match itself played out far beyond my expectations on Wednesday. LU continued to spread the wealth and gave Pentagon and Sexy Star the main event spot and they put on a very entertaining match.


The major obstacle in the match was the significant size difference between the two wrestlers. Sexy Star needed mistakes by Pentagon to gain control of the match. When she did, she came up with some very creative submission holds that almost won her the match. In particular, she used a variation of an STF and a modified armbar to put Pentagon in harm’s way. The very creative Pentagon had plenty of his own holds, namely a grapevined version of a cloverleaf that looked extremely painful.


Sexy Star had the advantage late in the match and put Pentagon in a half Boston Crab when Superfly came to the ring. Superfly fits into the story because he was one of the wrestlers whose arm Pentagon broke several months ago, and who Sexy Star tried to help. Dario Cueto later put them in a mask vs. mask match, which Sexy Star won. It appeared that he would help Sexy Star here, but instead her hit her with a powerbomb to turn on her. Pentagon followed with a package piledriver and a modified surfboard to force Sexy Star to submit. After the submission, Vampiro entered the ring and forced Pentagon to release the hold before breaking Sexy Star’s arm, but he backed away before getting physical.


As usual, the storytelling in the match was outstanding. Superfly’s implication that his mask his more important than even his arm is consistent with the history of Lucha Libre. Sexy Star could not have been made to look any better in defeat, and now has a natural adversary to follow. Pentagon comes out of the match once again looking like a malicious destroyer.


Angelico, Son of Havok, and Ivelisse def. Big Ryck, Delvar Devairi, and Cage to Remain Trios Champions

Davairi and Big Ryck initially invited the Mack to be the third member of their team, but Cage took his place with a vicious attack in the lockerroom that left the Mack laid out and helpless. Cage’s aggression and skill level have been consistently impressive in LU, so a possible match with the Mack is very good news.


In the short term, the team dominated their opponents for most of the match. Ivelisse’s leg was still in a hard cast, but she wanted to get in the match anyway. Neither Angelico nor Havoc would tag her, which made her angry and caused a constant distraction to her team. When it looked like they were ready to be beaten, Texano Jr. emerged from backstage and attacked Davairi behind the referee’s back. It bought the champions enough time for an Angelico topez con giro over the ring post and a Havok shooting star press to get the win. Due to their outstanding work, I continue to enjoy the underdog champions, and it’s clear from the crowd’s reaction that the fans feel the same way.


Jack Evans def. Argenis

Evans impressed once again with an acrobatic win over the brother of the original Sin Cara (who Matt Striker hinted could be a future LU competitor). Evans has balance unlike any other wrestler I have ever seen and his unique athleticism has brought him an impressive career around the world. This win earned him one of Cueto’s idols, which I can only imagine will lead to an eventual #1 Contender’s match of some sort.


Black Lotus Arrives in LU

The relationship between Black Lotus and Chavo Guerrero deteriorated quickly when it became clear that he was not on the same page as her with regard to getting retribution against Cueto’s monster of a brother. It’s hard to blame Guerrero, since Cueto’s brother seemingly ate one of the Crew alive last week, yet Lotus remains focused on taking him out. More so than any other storyline in LU, this horror movie plot has Robert Rodriguez’s fingerprints all over it, which makes it very distinctive as a wrestling angle.