Best Wrestling of the Week – Cena, Mil Muertes, Ambrose

7/1/15 – Andrew Berg – @WrestleRosters


Wrestler of the Week – John Cena

One could argue that the last week was a down week for wrestling. WWE is in the midst of a rare break from its insane new PPV schedule. NXT, ROH, and LU all had decent shows, but none featured big news or unexpectedly great matches (save the LU main event). TNA botched its taping schedule such that its Slammiversary PPV could not feature its biggest matches. What was left was the one constant of 2015- a great Cena match on Raw. Cena faced Cesaro in the US Open Challenge and once again reminded fans that Cesaro has what it takes to be a major star in WWE. Cena showed creativity, athleticism, and respect for his opponent in the match, which are all qualities he has been criticized for lacking. Other than jorts, it’s hard to find anything left for which to fault Cena.


Match of the Week – Mil Muertes def. Drago

Although a strong case could be made for Cena and Cesaro here, my personal favorite match of the week was the main event of LU. Catrina’s attack on Dario Cueto got Muertes a shot at Drago’s #1 Contender slot for Ultima Lucha. Muertes wrestled a dominant style, as he usually does. His physical presence commands a great deal of attention and it’s impossible to look away when he’s on the screen. Drago has done lots of good things in LU since his best-of-five series with Aero Star. Unfortunately, he was overmatched against Muertes and suffered a fairly dominant defeat. That leads to Mil Muertes challenging Prince Puma at Ultima Lucha- a deserved main event for the two most impressive wrestlers in the promotion.


Quote of the Week – Byron Saxton

“Miss and you might blink something.” Saxton continues to do his best to fit in with mainstays Michael Cole and JBL and continues to come up short.


Must See Wrestling

  1. Seth Rollins Beats Dean Ambrose on Smackdown

Forget the silly, redundant tag team main event from Raw, Rollins and Ambrose highlighted their week with an excellent match on Smackdown. Rollins and Ambrose have probably wrestled close to a dozen televised singles matches in the last year, but it does not get old. Their two main events at the last two PPVs helped legitimize Rollins and champion and Ambrose as a top-end challenger. If they keep wrestling once a month a free TV to keep that impression fresh in fans’ minds, I will not complain.


  1. ROH Wraps Up NJPW Shows

The talent exchange between NJPW and ROH is a great benefit to ROH because NJPW is chalk full of major stars at the moment. The final War of the Worlds taping episode aired last week and featured an outstanding match that saw Roderick Strong push Shinsuke Nakamura to the limit and validate his #1 Contender status despite the loss. The main event was an insane spectacle starring AJ Styles, the Young Bucks, Kazuchika Okada, and Roppongi Vice. Old school wrestling fans might throw up in their mouths when they see the nutty spots, but the bottom line is that it was a glorified comedy match and a great one at that.


  1. Double Jeff Climbs the Mountain

From the moment Jeff Jarrett appeared on Impact to announce that he would enter the King of the Mountain match at Slammiversary, two things became clear. First, it was obvious that he would win the match. Second, it was apparent that his GFW promotion would become a worked invasion angle in TNA. Sure enough, Jarrett won the “King of the Mountain Title” in the match, which will inevitably lead to an invasion in short order.