Best Wrestling of the Week – Jay Lethal, Prince Puma, Bray Wyatt

Wrestler of the Week – Jay Lethal

In some senses, the build for ROH’s Best in the World PPV started more than two years ago. It has been that long since Jay Briscoe was pinned in ROH, which meant that whoever ended his streak was going to be in a very strong position. Lethal started to stake his claim to that position almost a year ago when he declared the ROH TV Title the real ROH Title and started to slowly build heat with Briscoe. The animosity built steadily until it reached a fever pitch at the PPV, and the match completely lived up to the build. It took a pair of Lethal Injections and Jay Driller by Lethal to pin the champion. When he did it, he instantly became an indy superstar.


Match of the Week – Prince Puma def. Johnny Mundo

Lucha Underground’s version of an Ironman Match finally gave Mundo the chance to truly steal the show. He and Puma are two of the best workers in the company and with a full hour to work back and forth, they were able to tell an extremely interesting story. The two elements that stood out to me were the originality and the logic in the match. The creativity is worth noting because so many Ironman Matches are fundamentally very similar, but this one stood out because Mundo took such a big early lead and forced Puma to work from behind. It was also a very logical match because Mundo took advantage of having Puma down and got four consecutive pins to build his lead. The tension raised to an otherworldly level after Alberto El Patron’s interruption such that the last four minutes felt like a Wrestlemania main event.


Quote of the Week – Xavier Woods

“I’ll call gravity on you!” Woods threatened Neville with another hilarious one-liner. It’s becoming his specialty.


Must See Wrestling

  1. The Authority Lays Out The Beast

It took all of Seth Rollins’s groveling to get Kane and J&J Security back in the fold on Raw, but he was immediately rewarded for his humility. After three hours of begging and pleading with the supporting cast he alienated, they came to his aid when Brock Lesnar went after the champion. Although Lesnar briefly fought off all four men, the numbers proved to be too much. A couple of chokeslams and Pedigree from Rollins left him looking more vulnerable than he has in ages.



  1. Bray Wyatt Plays Mind Games

For as much as we have hears about Wyatt’s mind games, it is nice to see one of them play out on TV for a change. Wyatt has targeted Roman Reigns for taking his spot in the Money in the Bank match (refreshingly sensible) and has crawled under Reigns’s skin by threatening his daughter. The illusion of a creepy tea party on Raw sent Reigns into a frenzy. It’s exactly the sort of eerie set piece that Wyatt should use more often.


  1. Kevin Owens Is Everywhere

Owens has been red hot since his debut in NXT, and particularly since his debut on the WWE main roster. WWE has made the most of his heat by featuring him on virtually every show it airs on TV each week. Once again, he was prominently featured on Smackdown, Raw, and NXT in the last week. His bet segment was a match with Cesaro on Smackdown, which was somehow only the second time those two wrestlers have worked with each other in a match (the other was in front of about 30 people in what appeared to be a church assembly hall, and is available on YouTube). Owens also exchanged words with Cena on Raw and wrestled Samoa Joe for the first time on NXT. The latter two exchanges were not his very best, but everything Owens does at the moment is entertaining.