Best Wrestling of the Week – Miz, Sami Zayn, Samoa Joe


2/19/16 – Andrew Berg – @WrestleRosters


Wrestler of the Week – The Miz

But wait, hasn’t Miz been one of the worst wrestlers in the WWE for the last couple of years? Yes. And wasn’t he left off of the Fastlane card altogether? Sure. And didn’t he lose both of his matches on TV this week by submission? Naturally. In spite of all of those problems, Miz has been outstanding for the last few weeks and has been the glue that has held together the excellent program between Chris Jericho and AJ Styles. Miz wrestled very good matches with both of them this week and showed some of the fire that made him a successful WWE champion half a decade ago. He has also created some space between Jericho and Styles so that they haven’t had to wrestle each other every week since Styles debuted. Miz has played a role in this program- not the role of a main event star, but as a supporting player- and he has played it like the Hollywood A-Lister he claims to be.


Match of the Week – Sami Zayn and Samoa Joe Draw

Zayn and Joe participated wrestled Baron Corbin in a triple threat match to determine the number one contender to Finn Balor, and both men made him tap out simultaneously. This week, they wrestled a hard-hitting match that was one of Joe’s better NXT efforts. Zayn got in more offense than I would have expected and even lifted the big man for a Blue Thunder Bomb. The finishing sequence was a little bit overbooked, but a little bit ingenious. Joe held Zayn in a rear naked choke for four seconds after Zayn reached the ropes. He tried to follow that with a Muscle Buster, but Zayn fought himself free and used all of his remaining energy to hit a Helluva Kick in the corner. Joe went down and Zayn crumpled on top of him. Both men had their shoulders on the mat and the referee declared it a draw. Whether that means they will wrestle a rematch or both will get a shot at Balor, it is enticing to see them in the ring together again. It is also great to have Zayn back, reminding everyone that his ring psychology is among the best.


Must See Wrestling

  1. Prince Puma Fends off Pentagon Jr

Like Joe and Zayn, Puma and Pentagon both felt they had a claim to their promotion’s title. They also wrestled a hard-hitting match with a crazy finish. After a package piledriver, Pentagon put Puma in a surfboard and Puma bridged it into a unique pin to get the victory.


  1. Ambrose Emergence Continues

Ambrose somehow turned his Intercontinental Title loss into a positive. In the storyline, he claimed that the loss only motivates him more in his Fastlane triple threat match. In reality, losing the Intercontinental Title makes him a more plausible Wrestlemania main eventer. Either way, Ambrose is more popular than ever and his tension with Roman Reigns was red hot.


  1. ROH Tag Teams Fly High

The pairing of ACH and Matt Sydal with the Young Bucks evokes a certain expectation, and that expectation is high spots. The teams lived up to their reputations with a match full of hurricanranas, shooting star presses, sentons, and other aerial hijinx. ACH got his team the win with a double foot stomp to Matt Jackson. It’s a win that will help establish ACH and Sydal as they work their way up the ROH Tag Team division.


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