Best Wrestling of the Week – Reigns, Nakamura, and Cole

10/2/15 – Andrew Berg – @WrestleRosters


Wrestler of the Week – Roman Reigns

There are a couple of different ways to look at the year Reigns has had in 2015. Many fans see him as an overrated company man who was pushed prematurely to the Wrestlemania main event. In kayfabe, he has strung together a long list of impressive performances, from the Royal Rumble, to his win over Daniel Bryan and his rivalry with Bray Wyatt. The truth is somewhere between those two poles- he remains rough around the edges but has shown a great deal of improvement since WWE eased back the throttle ever so slightly. His main event match with Wyatt on Raw shows how far he has come. His hard-hitting, hard-bumping style earned him some support from the usually hostile fans. It also set the stage for what should be a fun final chapter in the feud in the Hell in a Cell.


Match of the Week – Shinsuke Nakamura def. Adam Cole

When fans talk about the most talented wrestlers outside of WWE, Nakamura and Cole are two names who often come up. They have requisite athleticism and technical ability to shine in the ring, but they also convey their tremendous charisma in a way that makes them larger-than-life stars. ROH was able to pair the two main eventers in the top spot of their most recent TV tapings with NJPW. They put on a tremendous match that saw Cole control for long stretches while he softened up Nakamura’s knee for the Figure Four. Nakamura put together just enough rallies to keep himself alive and eventually hit his Bomaye knee to get a big win. Even though this match meant little in either ROH or NJPW’s narrative, it stood on its own as a match that commanded attention.


Quote of the Week – Jerry Lawler

“That guy stole my sign!” That was Lawler’s response when a Smackdown cameraman inexplicably zoomed in on a sign that read “I came for the divas.” Pervy Jerry Lawler is still the best Jerry Lawler.


Must See Wrestling

  1. Tyler Breeze def. Tomasso Ciampa

Ciampa impressed in the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic, paired with Johnny Gargano. Breeze challenged him to a match after they took out Breeze and Bull Dempsey. It was a fun match that showcased the athleticism of both stars with lots of stiff strikes both ways. Breeze came out on top when he borrowed Christian’s Unprettier for the first time.


  1. Kane Baffles with Split Personalities

Both on Raw and Smackdown, Corporate Kane and Demon Kane disavowed any knowledge of one another and terrorized Seth Rollins. It’s amazing that Kane is relevant in 2015 in any way, but the fact that most fans seem satisfied with his spot in this (admittedly, down-month) main event is quite astounding.


  1. New Day Approaches the Main Event

New Day opened Raw by accepting John Cena’s US Open Challenge, where Kofi Kingston and Big E interfered to rescue Xavier Woods. They occupied the main event on Smackdown, where they teamed with Rollins against Kane and the Dudley Boys. Not long ago, WWE’s tag division was the place where wrestlers went when they had nothing to do. New Day has made it a stepping stone to the main event.