Best Wrestling of the Week – Shield Remnants Step Up

10/23/15 – Andrew Berg – @WrestleRosters


Wrestler of the Week – Seth Rollins

Because we see so much of him, it’s easy to take what Rollins does for granted. If you break it down by the individual elements of his performance this week, his work is very impressive. First, he wrestled very solid matches against Ryback on Raw and Cesaro on Smackdown to get back in the win column. Next, he provided the only real storyline intrigue in the Raw main event that pitted Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose against the Wyatt Family. On top of that, he created a memorable moment with Shawn Michaels and brought his feud with Kane to the PPV without Kane on Raw. That’s a lot of heavy lifting for one wrestler, and Rollins did all of it well.


Match of the Week – Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns def. New Day

There were about a half dozen matches this week of roughly equal quality, but this one slightly edged out the others as my personal favorite. Ambrose and Reigns continue to work well together with good tag team psychology and a balance of mechanical strengths and physicality. New Day remains the most entertaining part of WWE’s weekly TV. The two storylines have little intersection, but it kept the Smackdown main event feeling novel and fun.


Quote of the Week – James Storm

“Sorry about your damn luck.” Storm brought back his classic catchphrase on Twitter and in a interview. It exemplified how fun it is to have one of the most talented, entertaining wrestlers from TNA in a promotion that has a better track record of designing and executing storylines.


Must See Wrestling

1. Tyler Breeze Debuts on Smackdown

Breeze made his first appearance on the WWE main roster as Summer Rae’s new beau and a foil for Dolph Ziggler. It was a long time coming for Breeze, but this feud should highlight his strengths from the start. While it’s a shame that the teased heel turn for Ziggler seems to be on the backburner, I’m excited to see what they do together.


2. Jay Briscoe def. Adam Page

After weeks of antagonizing one of ROH’s biggest stars, Page finally got his shot at the main event in a No DQ match. Both wrestlers put their bodies on the line with some crazy spots through tables and chairs. Page held his own, though Briscoe eventually won with a Jay Driller through a table on the floor and another in the ring. Combined with an All Night Express vs. The Addiction match earlier in the show, this match kept ROH on its recent strong run.


3. Baron Corbin def. Rhyno

A few months ago, the idea of Corbin and Rhyno main eventing an episode of NXT would have elicited groans and loud complaints. Credit Corbin for staying focused on his craft to improve enough to work this type of match in a positive way. NXT also gets credit for sticking with Corbin and making the tweaks necessary to get his character on track.